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The Fratellis
Birmingham, Institute

12th April 2013

The Fratellis   


Photo Of The fratellis © Copyright James DalyTonight is a good night, the rains dispersed and the sun had come back out for the last few hours of the day, its really starting to feel like summer, and what better way to kick of the summer season than with a band who have a handfull of summer anthems, the mighty Fratellis.

As it’s a Friday it’s an early opening and so I only manage to catch the last song of support band The Recorders, who sound great, with their MGMT style continental sound including dance style keys under an aray of bass and high pitched vocals. The crowd don't really seem to be into them, but they are here for a different style of indie. I enjoyed the song though, and hope to catch their whole set in the future, as it was fresh and upbeat.

We have a half hour wait before The Fratellis take to the stage, the lights go off and they unveil the bass drum which is illuminating the stage with a red light, the band then slowly walk onto the stage and kick of the show with 2 off their biggest hits, Creeping Up The Backstairs and Henrietta. They sound awesome, they’ve been broken up since 2009 but you’d never have guessed with the sound they have, its Photo Of The fratellis © Copyright James Dalyfresh, its composed and its fun. The band seem to be enjoying themselves and through in an extra few notes here and there especially Baz Fratelli who adds extra guitar licks into sections, making the songs sound different and more unique than from their recordings, but don’t worry its nothing to crazy just nice guitar solo here and there. All the levels seem great too, with their 3 man band it’s good to see they get a good sound as most bands these days have at least 2 guitarists to fill the sound, The fratellis are a traditional rock group in this sense, they do bring on an extra member for a few songs on keyboards though, but this adds more to the atmosphere as like most gigs, the keys aren’t turned up loud enough to notice and just add a bit of backing.

Photo Of The fratellis © Copyright James DalyThe crowd are a bit quiet tonight, even though the first few songs it seems as if there’s a barrier between the band and the stage, that is until they play Vince The Lovable Stoner and the crowd start singing and Woo Hooing, they then keep this energy up through the rest of 25 song set which includes all of their debut album Costello Music, 6 tracks from Here We Stand and a few new tracks. Because of the sheer amount of tracks they play that the band don’t spend much time talking to the crowd but that’s ok as I think most people would rather they play more music than fill the time with idle chit chat.

Photo Of The fratellis © Copyright James DalyThe band come close to the end of their set and it’s clear that this room is full of people who don’t go to many gigs as they reach Milk And Money and tell the crowd good night, the room is split as allot of people start to leave and get irate that they haven’t played their biggest hit Chelsea Dagger, but before too much chaos brakes out, The Fratellis take back to the stage to play Shameless and Seven Days before shutting the chants of Chelsea Dagger up by playing this hugely iconic anthem, it goes down a storm and the crowd is more alive than it has been all night, with everyone singing along. The band then play A Heady Tale to wrap things up, which was good but probably should have been played before Chelsea Dagger as quite allot of the room starts to leave before they finish, it’s almost as if the songs exit music even if it is upbeat.

Overall tonight’s been great, The Fratellis have never been one of my favorites but like most people their hits have always been the background to my student summers of past, and it’s good to see a traditional style rock band back on the scene playing great modern music with an old style twist. The band have finished their small sold out tour of the UK now but they’ll be back around by the end of the year with a new album in tow, so go check them out


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 The Fratellis

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