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Drowning Pool
Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

16th April 2013

Drowning Pool                   Fozzy


Photo Of Fozzy © Copyright Nathan WilliamsThat night getting to the venue and even getting in was pure chaos due to roadwork’s and staffing issues, this led me to miss Revoker who ended up being on for a twenty minute session.

As I entered the room and made my way to the pit I was greeted by the one and only Fozzy, the crowd by this time is chanting “FOZZY....FOZZY” so loud that I swear the whole of Nottingham had turned out to greet the band.

Earlier in the day I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Jericho who was a great sport to interview and very honest and humble. One question I had asked him in the interview was “what is your favoured track off the album?” to which he replied “Spider in My Mouth, just because when played live it gets a big reaction”. Sure enough the first song was yes...”Spider in My Mouth”, the crowd was instantly took by the melodic genius of the song that whipped the crowd into a Fozzy frenzy. By the end of the track the fans seemed to be hooked by the atmosphere and charismatic pull of the band. As the atmosphere grew track by track the fans became engulfed by the bands new tracks off the album “ Sin and Bones” that was released on August 14, 2012.

Photo Of Fozzy © Copyright Nathan WilliamsMid-point in Fozzy’s set list came “God Pounds His Nails”, a track that sent a vibe of electricity through the room as the crowd seemed to stand higher and firmer with anticipation. Chris at this point is working the crowd along with the band to new heights injecting copious amounts of energy into the room. To my surprise the band never stopped moving as they grew from strength to strength seeming to have fun on the stage.

At the end of “God Pounds His Nails” Chris, Rich, Paul, Billy and Frank expressed their gratitude to Nottingham for having them, they love coming to the venue as it was one of their first gigs in the UK, and the crowd echoed the thanks back by way of defining cheers and roars.

The set list grew and grew implementing tracks such as “Shine Forever”, “To Kill a Stranger”,

“Sin And Bones” and then...”Enemy” some old school Fozzy. The crowd drifted into song as the first line was softly sung by Chris and as the melodic tones built so did the crowd becoming enthralled. Within 40 seconds when the track came to the first chorus the crowd were took into a session of energetic moshing that was carried through to the last song on the nights set list “Blood Happens”.

Photo Of Fozzy © Copyright Nathan WilliamsThis last track was the vice grip that embraced the fans and took them to the pinicle of the 2012 album “Sin and Bones” ending this momentous visit from the band on an immense high.

If you have seen Fozzy live then your first impression much like mine was “WOW!” I was astonished that the wrestler from the WWE who I have watched and admired for years can belt out tunes like a musical mastermind, The band in the terms of Chris Jericho is “ the Bastard offspring of Journey and Metallica “ and I have to say a child as great as this one should be neutered and heard! If this is your first time hearing of Fozzy consider yourself educated and now you have had your first lesson use Google, YouTube, daily media and vevo to go and Fozzy up.

For more information, music and videos go to their site:

Photo Of Drowning Pool © Copyright Nathan WilliamsAfter a 30 minute intermission I took to the pit for Drowning Pool and to be honest had no idea what to expect as the vocal line-up over the years has changed due to people leaving to join different bands, death and musical differences. In 2012 Jason Moreno was announced as the lead vocalist for the band and I have to say he has more than filled the shoes of his predecessors.

It was around 9:30pm when Mike Luce (drums) took to the stage and the welcome he received was astonishing, as he spoke to the crowd for 5 minutes you could feel the enjoyment and kick that the band gets from performing. From stage right C.J. Pierce ( lead guitarist) appears followed by Stevie Benton (bassist) who both jacked into the amps, turned the volume up to full and began with “Step Up”. With the thought occurring to me “where is Jason?”...BOOM!! Like a bull in a china shop he rushes onto the stage with the energy and musical volatility of a nuclear power plant instantly activating the crowd into high gear.

Photo Of Drowning Pool © Copyright Nathan WilliamsThe cacophonous tones and vocal ability that Jason possesses is astounding and will leave any onlooker stupefied by both his and the bands talent to put on a show. Throughout the set list we get to hear an even mixture of all five albums, just past the halfway mark Jason asks the crowd “I want all you to put your fists uuuuuuup! Here’s One Finger and a Fist!”. The reaction from the crowd was immediate as a forest of raised fists quickly established the upright position and was pumped into action. Drowning Pool at this point is lifting the roof off Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms and just when the roof couldn’t get any higher, the final song comes to fruition like we had hoped all night “Bodies”!!

This track is probably the best know track from Drowning Pool so Jason goes for it ,all or nothing, heart and soul and the crowed chewed into the meaty, repeating lyrics like a 30oz Rump Stake made for rock royalty and devoured it in under four minutes. The lights go down as the track finishes and the house lights raise to show an exhausted but smiling Jason on the floor with his towel mopping the stream of sweat pouring from his brow. The whole band approaches the front of the stage and extends a hand to the front row and thanks everyone individually for coming out to see them, following this they pick up the microphone and promises Nottingham “We will be back Nottingham”.

Photo Of Drowning Pool © Copyright Nathan WilliamsDrowning Pool is one of the best, most intense bands I have ever seen that are so open and approachable as they just hang around the venue speaking to the guests having a drink right up until they go on stage. My advice to anybody who has heard the track “Bodies” and liked it is to go and see them as you won’t regret it.
For more information, music and videos go to their site:

Fozzy 5/5
Drowning Pool 5/5

Review By Nathan Williams

 Drowning Pool

Jasen Moreno
CJ Pierce
Stevie Benton
Mike Luce


Chris Jericho
Rich Ward
Frank Fontsere
Paul Di Leo
Billy Grey

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