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Enter Shikari
Plymouth, Uni

6th April 2013

Enter Shikari    


Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Kirsty RichEnter Shikari’s gig tonight was at Plymouth Uni’s Main Hall, they were supported by Hacktivist. Hacktivist are a 5 piece band forming 2 main vocalists that have a rap based lead men with the 3 instrumental band members playing a more rock melody creating a sound forming rap/rock. The overall sound was poor, mainly coming from the tinny drums and the uncoordinated way the vocals link with the rest of the band. The majority of crowd hype came from the vocalists quoting one sentence, “Plymouth make some fucking noise!” it gets repetitive and frustrating, not very inventive and actually if the music and songs were perhaps good enough then Plymouth would be prepared to “make some fucking noise?”.
As Enter Shikari were about to come onto stage, there were continuous announcements counting down from 10 minutes to the beginning in which included classic dance music which kept the audience entertained while waiting for the start of the show. Open coming onto stage there was a loud roar from the crowd and they starting singing Enter Shikari’s songs, knowing all the lyrics.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Kirsty RichDuring their opening few songs there was a lot of electro base lines which went right through the core of my body, shaking my rib cage and giving me slight chills, one which I’m sure the mosh pit went mental for! Seeing Enter Shikari before at Reading Festival I know this is a band that does not follow by the rules often encouraging crowd surfing when security and organisers have done all they can in their power to prevent such things. This was evident just before the start of the gig when two lads were on each others shoulders and security immediately put a holt to this, but during their set Enter Shikari got everyone to perform a human pyramid, going against the rules once again.

Enter Shikari often quote that they always abuse genres and this is very true combining pretty much most hardcore genres around, some of which being electro which often sounds like a child let loose on an instrumental toy. The song ‘Gandhi Mate, Gandhi’ sounded quite like somebody had hacked and remixed Pacmans lost b side tracks, very weird electronic song. These guys being widely well received for their live performances it was hardly a surprise to see them full of energy, in particular jumping on top of the speakers in one, quite legendary, leap. Not only that, but the guitarists have Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Kirsty Richsome pretty slick guitar throwing skills! The crowd for large parts of the gig didn’t need any cues like most bands, they knew when to clap along or throw their hands up in the air, it’s almost as if they’ve nailed the live act and that it comes naturally to the crowd.

One thing that confuses me with Enter Shikari is the electro sounds and how do they decide in which order to press the buttons? I do like the ability of the song to change at the flick of a switch but then that is more literally than anything else. The encore also had the audience singing Enter Shikari’s, self titled song instead of chanting their name, “And still we will be here standing like statues”. This is a band which don’t follow by the rules, don’t follow by any genre or seem to stick to the norm and I appreciate them for that, Not to everybody’s taste but that is why the people that show up to their gigs are cult followers, listeners, people that love everything they do and probably inspired by Enter Shikari can create new ways of making music in the same way they have. A great live performance overall but not to everyone’s taste.


Review By Adam Brettell
Photos By Kirsty Rich

 Enter Shikari


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