Gig Review

Rival Sons
The Graveltones, Ulysses
Birmingham, Institute

11th April 2013

Rival Sons                         The Graveltones       Ulysses


Photo Of Ulysses © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are Ulysses, supporting Rival sons again, they must be fans, me I'm still not a fan, I'm finding I'm getting that same flat vibe as they open with the likes of 'Lesson One', 'Oranges & Mary' and 'April Showers', the songs are at pretty much one speed and one tone, I really can't feel the music, I should but I don't, I've given them a chance but its just not delivering for me, they're not a bad band but there's really nothing stand out about them, and they seem to have fallen down the pecking order, as they were main support the last time round.

Photo Of The Graveltones © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe Graveltones are up next they are a British Bluesy band, and according to Classic Rock Magazine, the #1 hottest band in Britain. The sound, well if you're looking for the next White Stripes album it's by this band, it's no bad thing, but they sound pretty much the same even the same guitar effects, same singing style, same amount of band members, just a guitarist/vocalist and drummer with some well beat up symbols. They are a pretty lively band to watch, their sound finally brining the room to life after the droll Ulysses, this is probably one of those rare occasions where the support band are as good, if not better than the main act. At times throughout the set I swear there's a W.S song waiting to break out, I'm sure they could probably sneak a lesser known song in, they really are a pretty great live band. So in short if you're a massive fan of the White Stripes and miss them then The Graveltones are the band for you.

Photo Of Rival Sons © Copyright Robert LawrenceRival Sons with their 70's Rock sound, still sounding pretty sharp. But not looking as such, the guitarist with that terrible looking suit. They open the set with the lively 'You Want To', which is swiftly followed by 'Get What's Coming' and 'Wild Animal'. The singer still pulling his best Robert plant moves and vocal style, if you're going to do it old school then he's doing it right. The guitar riffs are pretty damn decent, them seem like a better band than last time round and they have to be too if they have to follow the Graveltones every night.

Photo Of Rival Sons © Copyright Robert Lawrence'Gypsy Heart' and 'Torture' keep things lively with it's bright clean sounds and catchy riffs and drum beats, with some top signing flying over the top. The guitar playing in 'Torture' is fantastic, my stand out song of the night.

If you're hankering for some good old fashioned. 70's sound rock then you will love this band, really great live stage presence.

What I enjoy about this band is that there's the loud parts which kick ass and then the quite bits which give the song's some contrast, taking it down a notch mid song makes the loud parts so much better.

Photo Of Rival Sons © Copyright Robert LawrenceThings come down a notch with 'Memphis Sun', pretty good mellowed down song where the vocals really carry the song. The middle set continues on with the likes of 'All The Way', 'Until The Sun Comes', 'Jordan', 'Keep on Swinging' and 'Pressure and Time'. There's no real bad song in the set all of the songs are pretty spot on and get that time flying, and before you know it you're at the tail end of songs of the night which are 'Sacred Tongue' and 'Face of Light'.

A drum solo is up next, worst part of the set really, too self indulgent, the one thing the 70's could have done without. Then we're at the set closing song 'Soul'. A fine way to close out a pretty decent night of music. You should catch Rival Sons and The Graveltones as soon as you can.

Ulysses 3/5
The Graveltones 5/5
Rival Sons 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Rival Sons

Jay Buchanan
Scott Holiday
Robin Everhart
Michael Miley

 The Graveltones

Jimmy O.
Mikey Sorbello


Luke Smyth
Julyan Wells-Cathedral
Tom Sartoryal
Shane Maxymus

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