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The Ataris
Bristol, Fleece

7th April 2013

The Ataris                                

Back in my late teens which seems like many years ago now, The Ataris were one of my favourite band’s alongside the likes of Alkaline Trio, Green Day, Blink 182, New Found Glory and pretty much any other band that had a pop-punk sound, through the years I managed to check the Ataris out live many times at their own headline shows and also at festivals and each and every time I watched them I walked away with pretty much no voice as I sung my lungs and enjoyed every second of their sets.

After the success of ‘So Long, Astoria’, The Ataris went through a dark patch where Kris Roe sacked pretty much the whole band and over time changed the bands format from a four piece band to a seven piece band and they finally released their next album ‘Welcome The Night’ the album was delayed by nearly two years and was slated by the majority of music journalists, I personally enjoyed their new hard hitting indie rock sound and enjoyed the album.

Since the release of ‘Welcome The Night’ The Ataris have gone through many more line up changes with Kris Roe being the only original member in the band and many musicians coming and going through the years, The Ataris are currently working on their sixth studio album ‘The Graveyard Of The Atlantic’ which seems to be running into delays the length of Guns N Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ did, but luckily for The Ataris fans the reasons for the delay is that they have been solidly on the road touring for the past two years trying to reach every country and as many of their fans as possible.

When The Ataris announce the UK leg of their tour I was excited and jumped at the chance to go to the Bristol show and was happily counting down the days before the show like I was an over excited teen again, however I have now realised that looking forward to something in an excited way can lead to disappointment just like tonight’s show did.

Now I have been to thousands of gigs over the years but it has been a long time since I left a venue feeling as disappointed as I did tonight, The Ataris took to the stage dead on 10pm and managed to play 12 songs in just under an hour and the set consisted mainly of songs from their ‘Blue Skies, Broken, Hearts... Next 12 Exits’ album and also ‘So Long Astoria’ with a few songs from ‘End Is Forever’ and a few covers thrown in for good measures.

The Ataris opened their set with ‘In This Diary’ which happens to be a big fan favourite from the ‘So Long Astoria’ album, as the band started playing I noticed things were slightly different from when I have seen The Ataris in the past as Kris Roe’s vocals have changed over the years and he now has quite a gruff sounding voice which actually sounded quite pleasing on the ears.

As the set progressed things started to go downhill with Kris Roe forever retuning his guitar and playing with his monitor throughout songs as he was not happy with the noise levels, luckily the rest of the band managed to keep it together and jammed solidly through these moments but it was the constant jamming and changing of arrangements throughout songs which put a negative spin on the show as instead of playing the classic songs how we all know and love them The Ataris were mixing them up and adding in big jamming sessions that just weren’t needed.

Kris Roe spent a lot of time talking to the crowd between songs asking them to check out their merch, check out their website and download a couple of new tracks from their forthcoming studio album and also to explain that the band have only learnt enough songs to cover the set for the tour so many fan favourites such as ‘Teenage Riot’ and ‘The Boys Of Summer’ were left out of the set.

During their set The Ataris played classic songs such as ‘So Long Astoria’, ‘I.O.U. One Galaxy’, ‘1,15,96’, ‘My Hotel Years’ and set closer ‘San Dimas High School Football Rules’, which couldn’t of come sooner for me.

Overall tonight The Ataris sounded like a new band on the block who were playing one of their first ever gigs and run into technical difficulties and I now feel that The Ataris need to take some time away from the live circuit and head into rehearsals and solidly rehearse their back catalogue as tonight’s show was quite frankly an embarrassment to The Ataris name, and seeing how stale the band were tonight I can see further line up changes right around the corner which is only going to cause more problems for the band as a whole new line up will have to gel and learn the songs.

The Ataris may not be the same band that so many people grew up loving and despite tonights poor performance I will always remain a fan and blast their albums out to hear their songs exactly how they were written instead of the shambles I witnessed tonight.


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