Gig Review

Birmingham, Academy 2

30th March 2013


Well tonight’s Good Friday all across the UK and what better way to kick of this Easter weekend than with a gig off epic nostalgia. Tonight 90’s/00’s band Everclear are playing in Birmingham and since they cancelled their 2001 tour due to circumstances beyond their control, they haven’t been back but tonight they are hear and they’re ready to play to the fans that have been waiting 14 years for this show!

Everclear are already on the stage when I enter the room, after a mess up with times and passes I enter the venue just as they are wrapping up an old favourite Heroin Girl from the album Sparkle and Fade, which to be fair to them is exactly what Everclear did hear in the UK, they had one or two hit songs and released a few albums then they disappeared completely and its apparent tonight that the majority of the original line up left too, as only lead singer Art Alexakis remains and the band went from being a three piece to a five piece. Since 2003, when the 2 other original members left, they have only released two new albums and only one track is played from the two in the form of Be Carefull What You Ask For, which actually sounds great, it’s a sweat song with nice keys tinkling in the background behind a crunchy chorus and the instantly recognisable vocals of Art which make every song instantly apparent that its Everclear.

Everclear do sound wonderful for the most part but they have the odd sound problems, with keys being too loud and vocals being to quite in parts, but when they play songs like AM Radio and White Men in Black Suits, they blow the crowd away. Speaking of the crowd, the room is quite busy tonight but nothing too crazy to fill it up to the brim, but to me this tour might be a bit of a swansong seeing as Art keeps saying to the crowd how he’s getting to old for all of this(he is 50 years old and looking like he’s lived the rock and roll life to the max), and maybe this tour is just to say thank you to the fans that still love Everclear and to make up for not being back in 14 years. The bands set list isn’t too long considering they have 9 albums but they do play about 18 songs including Heartspark Dollarsign, Amphetamine, Song from an American Movie, Strawberry, Volvo Driving Soccer Mom and Everything to everyone. They wrap up the set with their biggest hits Wonderful and Santa Monica which send the crowd into a frenzy of pure nostalgic glee as they sing along to every word as the classic pop song Wonderfull calms them all down before the punky sounds of Santa Monica rip them apart. After the normal chants for an encore Everclear come back and ask the audience for a few suggestions before ending on I Will Buy You A New Life which calms and cools this crowd with its ballad feel and sweet lyrics, which builds into a crescendo of sound before fading out.

Overall tonight’s gig was great, it’s a shame I missed the supports due to the gig being on very early thanks to the bank holiday, but Everclear made up for the last 14 years with a stonking gig that had a mix off fast punky tracks and pure pop songs it had its ups and it had its downs, it was a journey of a gig which left the crowd feeling fulfilled. If this isn’t the bands last UK tour then go and see them next time and get some great nostalgia or if you’ve never heard of them before go along and fall in love with some great songs that haven’t seemed to have aged.

Everclear 4/5

Review By James Daly


Art Alexakis
Davey French
Freddy Herrera
Josh Crawley
Sean Winchester

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