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Photo Of Cancer Bats © Copyright TriggerFuneral For A Friend
Cancer Bats, In Case Of Fire, Attack! Attack!
Birmingham, Academy
26th October 2008

Funeral For A Friend     Cancer Bats
On paper this tour could be classed as one of the best tours of the year as you have 4 awesome bands tearing up the venues across the UK for pretty much 4 weeks, you have the much loved Funeral For A Friend headlining every show, you have the extremely heavy hardcore Cancer Bats who play every show like it’s their last giving 100% each and every time, then you have the fast rising In Case OF Fire who are a band that have the potential to be extremely big within the next 12 months and opening each show then you have the Welsh poppy punks Attack! Attack, now that is four bands that all play slightly different music but are all really good on record as well as live.

However, I have to say that by the end of the show I reached my conclusion and this tour is nowhere near the best tour of the year due to the fact that it wasn’t the best organised tour that I have ever been to. Tonight’s show at Birmingham Academy, the doors opened extremely early at 6pm which was pretty odd for a Sunday show, most Sunday shows at the Academy have normal opening doors and the usual 11pm curfew but not tonight. Attack! Attack! took to the stage 5 minutes after the doors had opened and played a 20 minute set, sadly due to the huge queue's out side of the venue we missed the whole set, but they must of had a hard but good job trying to please the hundreds of Funeral For A Friend fans as they are walking through the doors, what I do know is they played 5 songs, but how did they go down is a mystery to me.

5 Minutes after Attack! Attack! left the stage it was time for the rising superstars In Case Of Fire to take to the stage, once again we was still stuck in the queue outside the venue trying to get in and missed the whole of their 20 minute set but I am pretty sure that there new rock stadium style anthems had the power to take the roof of the venue, the main question is do the Funeral For A Friend fans appreciate this style of music?

Photo Of Cancer Bats © Copyright TriggerWe finally got inside the venue with about 10minutes to kill before the Cancer Bats came on, so we looked around the venue checking out the merch stalls whilst noticing that the downstairs of the venue is really packed tonight due to the fact that the upstairs isn’t open like it is during most gigs at the Academy due to the venue not being sold out. Soon after the Cancer Bats take to the stage for a 30 minute long set and straight away they unleashed their hardcore punk rock crossed with a bit of metal sound upon the Birmingham Academy crowd. Frontman Liam Cormier was running across the stage for the duration of the set screaming his lungs out and shaking his head with his strange punk rock looking hair cut flapping everywhere. The Cancer Bats played songs from both their albums 'Birthing The Giant' and 'Hail Destroyer' and it was the song 'Hail Destroyer' that finished their set off. The front few rows of the crowd seemed like they were loving every minute of the Cancer Bats but if you looked at people further back in the venue they were just stood there with their arms folded probably wondering what they are actually listening to, nevertheless the Cancer Bats gave it their all and they succeeded in converting some Funeral For A Friend fans into fans of their own.

Photo Of Funeral For A Friend © Copyright TriggerNext up were the headliners Funeral For A Friend, now all show, the kids had been teased with the Funeral For A Freind 'Memory And Humanity' album cover banner gracing the back of the stage during each and every bands performance tonight, but now the kids knew that the time was close for Funeral For A Friend to take to the stage and twenty minutes later the lights went down and Funeral For A Friend headed on stage.

Funeral For A Friend shook things up from the start by starting off with a song from their new album 'Memory And Humanity' with the hope that it would go down well with the crowd and they would sing the song back to them word for word, the song they started with was 'Constant Illuminations' and it went down extremely well with the crowd, with people screaming and singing along.

The set that Funeral For A Friend played was kind of like a greatest hits set with quite a bit of their new album thrown in as well, they played a lot of old stuff that they admitted that they haven’t played in a long time and this was the material that generated the most screams from the fans and it’s always a good thing for the hardcore fans hearing old material being played and it’s even better for the band hearing such a warm welcome from the fans when the songs are being played.

Photo Of Funeral For A Friend © Copyright TriggerNot much was played from the third Funeral For A Freind album 'Tales Dont Tell themselves' which makes you wonder if the band are actually proud of that album or not, I know it got a bit of backlash from some of the more hardcore fans when it was released but it also gained the band a whole new fan base, it seems odd that they didn’t play much from this album especially considering the one song they did play from it was their hit single ''Into Oblivion (Reunion)' and it was the song that went down the best with the crowd all night.

The set list was full of strong songs such as the old single 'Juneau', the new download only come back single 'Waterfront Dance Club', the new main single release 'Kicking And Screaming' and many old classic Funeral For A Friend songs such as 'She Drove Me To Daytime Television', 'Your Revolution is a Joke', 'Novella', and many more, the band played through the songs really well and the crowd seemed to love every minute of it.

Overall Funeral For a Friend played a good show the only downside was that the sound was a bit poor depending on where you was standing in the venue, now I’m sure this was down to the venue not being fully sold out and the upstairs being completely empty as the venue chose to keep the upstairs closed due to however many tickets weren’t sold. The crowd was a bit of a mix, you had your hardcore Funeral For A Friend fans who are now in there 20's and have been enjoying the band since they were about 14 and you also had your new generation of teenagers who had just turned 14 or 15 and have just started going to gigs, either way both sets of people seemed to walk away quite pleased.

Cancer Bats - 3/5
Funeral For a Friend - 3/5

Review By Trigger

 Funeral For A Friend

Matt Davies (Vocals, guitar)
Kris Coombs-Roberts (Guitar, Backing vocals)
Darran Smith (Guitar)
Gav Burrough (Bass, Backing vocals)
Ryan Richards (Drums, Backing vocals)

 Cancer Bats

Liam Cormier (lead vocals)
Scott Middleton (guitar)
Mike Peters (drums)
Jaye R. Schwarzer (bass)

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