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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Big Pink
Birmingham, Institute

26th March 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club        The Big Pink

Photo Of The Big Pink © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe main and only support tonight are The Big Pink, this being one of those bands I've seen a few times now, and are a pretty decent live band. They are pretty effects driven with a touch of 90s indie to them, they have a laid back on stage persona. Yet again there seems to be a slight change to the stage set up, the main vocalist on effects driven guitar, a drummer, then another member on synth who's wearing a black face mask, bizarre! Yet again I find myself thoroughly enjoying their electronic set regardless of the live set up, the sound feels different and some in the crowd are lightly nodding their heads to the beat. Overall it's a slow easy pace and the songs are catchy and highly enjoyable, again a good set from these guys which pleases my ears immensely.

Photo Of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club © Copyright Robert LawrenceBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club are a 3 piece band of which I have never seen before. Being a rock/bluesy/folk band, I'm surprised that I'm not a huge fan as these are the types of bands that I really dig. From the opening songs, such as 'Rival' ,' Hate the Taste', Fire Walker it's apparent they are a pretty decent band, with the guitarist and bass player exchanging vocal duties, which changes things up quite nicely.

One of my early favourites is 'Beat the Devils Tattoo', great song with a solid drum beat. Photo Of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe guitar work isn't overly complicated but they have some really good riffs, 'Whatever Happened to My Rock n Roll (punk song)' takes the pace of the set back up, this song really gets the crowd going, with many around me dancing to this song. 'Ain't No Easy Way' is next up with its easy to get along with groove. 'Berlin' follows next keeping that groove bouncing along nicely. Things get slow and slightly heavy with '666 Conducer'. The songs so far have been flying by, it's either because I'm having a good time or the songs are just short, I think it's a combination of both.

Photo Of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe mid set consists of songs such as' Love Burns', ' Returning', then along comes the acoustic solo parts of the set which consists of 'Devils Waiting', (performed by Peter) ,a song I can't quite make out the lyrics to, which is nice break from the full electric noise.Then second track 'Mercy', ( performed by Rob).

'Conscience Killer' takes things up a notch after 'Firewalker'. 'Lullaby' is up next taking things right down with its nice slow pace. The rest of set consists of songs such as the bass heavy 'White Palms', and the catchy riffs of 'Funny Games'.

Photo Of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club © Copyright Robert LawrenceI feel as if the set is dragging somewhat near the end, perhaps there's just a few too many songs, it's a lengthy 20 song plus set.

The final few songs of the main set consist of 'In Like The Rose', 'Weight of the World' then the set gets a much needed shot in the arm with '6 Barrel Shotgun' with its lively guitar and drum beats and main set closer 'Spread Your Love' which is probably their most well known song, it's even one i know, it's highly catchy still even after countless plays on the radio that I've heard over the years.

After a short break they close the overly long set with 'Sell it and Lose Yourself'. Two pretty good songs to end with. Overall it was a pretty good set but the pacing was pretty bad, and there was far too many songs in the set for me to really enjoy, and some of the songs were overly long, other than that not bad at all.

The Big Pink 3.5/5
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 4/5

Review By Jude Onions

 Black Rebel Motorcyle Club

Peter Hayes
Robert Levon Been
Leah Shapiro

 The Big Pink

Robbie Furze
Milo Cordell
Zan Lyons
Victoria Jean Smith

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