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Biffy Clyro
City And Colour
Birmingham, LG Arena

21st March 2013

Biffy Clyro                          City And Colour

Photo Of City And Colour © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst tonight and only support for the rest of the tour is City & Colour, the singer from the now defunct band, Alexis On Fire, Dallas Green and his live touring band. They are playing quite a good bluesy/folk sort of sound, the songs are easy to listen to, his voice is quite soulful and full of feeling. The guitar work is simple and to the point, while the band consists of a drummer, an electric guitarist, bass, and keys. It's a good full sound, well written and very well received by the crowd that's here, only half full with people trickling in all the time. They are missing a very good set. I can't believe how good this band is, the songs are so catchy, every song is something different but with a familiar feel to them, all the songs are stand out, this is music I think even my dad would like, there's not too many bands I could say can do that.

Photo Of Biffy Clyro © Copyright Robert LawrenceIt's been some time since I've seen Biffy in a venue, the last few times have been at festivals, I remember when they were playing tents, now they are headlining main stages, how the winds and fortunes have changed for this band and rightly so.

They open their set with 'Different People', a lively opener to get the crowd going then take it up a notch with a blinding rendition of 'That Golden Rule', sending the crowd barmy, they then simmer things down a bit with 'Sounds Like Balloons'. It's an electric start to the night.

Photo Of Biffy Clyro © Copyright Robert LawrenceI miss the next few songs making my way to the seat, but 'Black Chandelier' and 'Opposites' sound good from the area outside the arena.

'Justboy' is where I get back into the gig and my seat. This is followed by 'Living is a Problem', just such a great live song, sending the crowd mental, so lively and rocking the venue from front to back, this continues with 'Bubbles', getting the crowd singing along with fists in the air and bouncing from start to end, superb.

Photo Of Biffy Clyro © Copyright Robert LawrenceSo far so good it's a nicely paced set with the songs int he mid set keeping things from dropping off and flowing very nicely.

'Victory Over The Sun', starts off slow but soon picks up and kicks the set back into life, mind you the previous two songs are going to be hard to top with energy given from the band and crowd. 'A Day Of' is up next, taking things back a few albums, good to hear some older material and tracks a little less crowd friendly, you can spot the older fans by their reaction to this song, other folk who may only know the last few albums are totally still.

Photo Of Biffy Clyro © Copyright Robert LawrenceOther songs filling out the mid set are 'Biblical', which gets the crowd going again, with its catchy chorus. Other songs include 'Spanish Radio', 'There's No Such Thing As A Jagged Snake', the superbly catchy and acoustic version of 'God & Satan', 'The Thaw' off the new album, the excellent 'Machines' another acoustic song, 'Glitter & Trauma', the fantastic 'Who's Got a Match', which takes us into the final few songs of main set.

Photo Of Biffy Clyro © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe final few songs start off with the very lively 'The Jokes On Us', ' Many Of Horror', takes things down a notch but everyone is singing to this one, just wow. Things get lively again with 'Picture a Knife Fight', off the new album. The main set closer is 'The Captain', superb simply superb, the band still giving it their all with high energy and closing the main set in fine style.

After a short break and many chants of "mon the biff", they continue where they left off with 'Skylight', 'Stingin Belle' and the fantastic 'Mountains', what a way to close out the night. Catch Biffy while you can as they are a great live band.

City And Colour 4/5
Biffy Clyro 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Biffy Clyro

Simon Neil
James Johnston
Ben Johnston

 City And Colour

Dallas Green

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