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Huey And The New Yorkers
Mike Marlin
Gloucester, Guildhall

14th March 2013

Huey And The New Yorkers            Mike Marlin

Photo Of Mike Marlin © Copyright TriggerI headed down to the Guildhall in Gloucester tonight to catch Huey Morgan head out on a headline tour of the UK with his new project Huey And The New Yorkers, I got to the venue just before the one and only support act of the night Mike Marlin was due to take to the stage and I was pretty shocked at how empty the venue was with no more than 20 people sitting around the sides of the venue.

Photo Of Mike Marlin © Copyright TriggerMike Marlin shortly took to the stage backed up with 5 different session musicians which make up his live touring band, within seconds of taking to the stage I was left feeling extremely bored and Mike Marlin and his band blandly played a couple of toned down songs but luckily as the set progressed they started to grow on me as they played through a wide variety of songs whilst also having a bit of banter with the crowd which reached a good 80 people before the set finished.

Photo Of Mike Marlin © Copyright TriggerTowards the later part of Mike Marlin’s set he announced that he has just released his new album ‘Grand Reveal’ and he is now going to play the title track from that album which Mike then jokingly asked the asked the crowd what the song is called and a couple of members of the crowd shouted back “Grand Reveal” which caused a few laughs on stage as no crowd through the whole tour has responded to the ‘Grand Reveal’ comment until now. After ‘Grand Reveal’ Mike announced that there next going to play ‘The Magician’ which led to one member of the crowd shouting out “yes” with excitement, this put a smile on Mikes face as he realised that his constant touring with well profiled bands is paying off.

Photo Of Huey And The New Yorkers © Copyright TriggerOverall Mike Marlin played a slow starting yet fun 45 minute set, there was a bit of confusion between the band members on which tracks were being played in order but this was soon laughed off amongst them as they managed to play quite a diverse sounding set.

Moments before Huey And The New Yorkers were due to take to the stage the now busy looking venue broke into chants of “Huey, Huey, Huey” and within minutes the band took to the stage and Huey wasted no time thanking everyone for coming out to the show and then introducing the band members one by one before breaking into the awesome opening track ‘Stick It To the Man’ which was then followed up by the highly energetic ‘Dirty Bird’ and recent single ‘Let My People Go’.

Photo Of Huey And The New Yorkers © Copyright TriggerHuey and the rest of the band spent a lot of time interacting with the crowd from joking about Chris Brown to talking about the rubbish English weather and also to address the fact that drummer Frank Benbini is wearing sunglasses because he is majorly stoned and has a big case of red eye this was met with laughter from the crowd and it is moments like this that make you realise that Huey And The New Yorkers are a bunch of genuine nice people who do what they do for the love of music and the love of their fans.

Photo Of Huey And The New Yorkers © Copyright TriggerAs the set progresses the band play some cracking songs with ‘New York Bluez’ and ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ standing out the most due to their energetic ways and the fact that throughout both songs Huey and co jammed for ages and could of carried on jamming for the whole set and no one would of got bored as the mature crowd in the Guildhall tonight had brought their dancing shoes with dad dances breaking out all over the place and even a few couples dancing in a romantic way to the soulful sounds of Huey And The New Yorkers.

Photo Of Huey And The New Yorkers © Copyright TriggerTowards the end of the set Huey makes a joke about the cold weather outside before going on to play ‘Christmas By The Side Of The Road’ now who else do you know that can get away with playing a Christmas song in the middle of March.

As the set came to an end Huey spent time thanking his fans and shaking hands with a few lucky members of the crowd, the set may well of started with chants of “Huey, Huey” but I am pretty sure after tonight’s outstanding show the crowd went home realising that each and every member of the band is so talented as they all skilfully unleashed a few solo’s and jammed like their lives depended on it.

After tonight’s show it is safe to say that another 200 or so people will be counting down the days for the release of the debut Huey And The New Yorkers album as there 13 track set was superb in an all killer no filler kind of way.

Mike Marlin 3/5
Huey And The New Yorkers 5/5

Review By Trigger

 Huey And The New Yorkers

Huey Morgan
Chris Scianni
Pete Levin
Na'im Cortazzi
Frank (TRM) Benbini
Tim Latham

 Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin

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