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Photo Of Story OF The Year © Copyright Emma BowdidgeTaste Of Chaos 2008
Story OF The Year
London, Astoria
15th October 2008

Story Of The Year  
Astoria is full up with hot/sweaty metal fans for tonight’s Taste Of Chaos. A lot of people have been seen wandering around in Story Of The Year tees as they’re the next band to perform.
A roar of screams from the crowd as the stage crew change back drops for Story Of The Year who take to the stage moments later with opener ‘And The Hero Will Drown’.
There’s an outstanding atmosphere here tonight as it’s such a big venue people on the balcony’s upstairs are still having as much fun as the people getting crushed in the mosh pit. Vocalist Dan Marsala jumps into the crowd while singing ‘Falling Down’ as he moves backwards and forwards on innocent crowd members, not for long though as the security is quick to move in and save him.

Moving onto some new songs from their debut album “The Black Swan”, everyone sings along to favourite “Wake Up” as Dan instructs the crowd to open up a huge circle pit. The band are determined to put on a good show as there’s so much energy pumping off the stage for another new song “Choose Your Fate” with guitarist Philip Sneed and bassist Adam Russell jumping around encouraging the crowd to jump and sing along. The crowd take in every second of this moment they are on stage as a few members from the front row head bang along.
Playing a mix of old and new songs Story Of The Year finish off their set with an old favourite ‘Is This My Fate He Asked Them’ as the circle pit get’s going one last time!

Review By Emma Bowdidge

 Story OF The Year

Dan Marsala (Vocals)
Ryan Phillips (Guitar)
Philip Sneed (Guitar, Vocals)
The Skull (Bass)
Constable Wills (Drums)

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