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The Bouncing Souls
Bristol, Fleece

12th March 2013

The Bouncing Souls                 

Tonight I headed down to the Fleece in Bristol a small independent venue which was saved from corporate ownership back in May 2010 when members of a local band helped save the venue and make it what it is today, since the Fleece first opened many years ago the venue has hosted gigs from a diverse set of bands with their walls plastered with posters of classic well established bands that have played there over the years such as Oasis, Amy Winehouse, Blur, Radiohead and many others and tonight The Bouncing Souls were set to bring their headline show to Bristol.

The Bouncing Souls were amongst one of the first bands I saw live way back in December 2000 when they supported Green Day on their massive arena tour which stopped off in Nottingham and what I remember from that show is standing right near the front of the venue waiting for the Bouncing Souls to start and within seconds mayhem exploded with the mosh pit turning brutal with big biker guys throwing as many punk fans in the air as possible as the Bouncing Souls knocked out classic punk anthems like “oi oi oi” and “Here We Go”.

So a good 13 years on I am back ready to see the Bouncing Souls again, as soon as I walk into the venue the first thing I notice is that it is packed to the rafters, now I have been to the Fleece many times for gigs but have never known the venue to be this busy before, so I find myself a good spot in the venue and moments later The Bouncing Souls take to the stage.

The Bouncing Souls opened with ‘Hopeless Romantic’ and within seconds the venue is buzzing with the crowd moving along in an energetic way whilst singing-a-long, the likes of ‘Private Radio’, ‘No Comply’, ‘ Lifetime’ and ‘Kid’ are played early on in the set and the energy from both the band and the crowd is fantastic throughout with the venue turning into a sauna do to the heat from the energetic crowd in tonight.

As the set progresses the crowd gets a bit more daring with people storming the stage and stage diving with one cheeky fan even planting a big kiss on Greg Attonito’s cheek before diving back into the crowd, Greg Attonito dealt with this extremely well and acted like nothing had happened and carried on laying down his well loved unique sounding vocals.

Throughout the 1 hour and 10 minute set The Bouncing Souls have they manage to fit in a wide range of music from old classic songs to songs running right up until their latest album ‘Comet’ and in between this they also mange to fit a couple of cover songs in and not once does the excitement from the crowd fade away as they lap up every minute of the show.

The set comes to a close with a double whammy of great songs with ‘True Believers’ and ‘Here We Go’ and at this point the crowd start to storm the stage again in heavier numbers as a select few brave fans choose to get closer to their hero’s, bust a few moves on stage before re-launching themselves back into the crowd, as the show comes to an end hundreds of punk fans descend on to the dark cold streets of Bristol with a smile on their face whilst I walk away as impressed as I was all those 13 years ago.

The Bouncing Souls 4/5

Review By Trigger

 The Bouncing Souls

Greg Attonito
Pete Steinkopf
Bryan Kienlen
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