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Pure Love
Birmingham, Institute

22nd February 2013

Pure Love                        Turbogeist

Photo Of Pure Love © Copyright James DalyTonight is a quite Friday night in Birmingham, instead of the normal raucous atmosphere that takes the city over at a weekend, it’s quite subdued. Maybe that’s because it’s still a week till payday, maybe it’s because people have still, almost two months after the start of the new year, have yet to get back into the normal swing of things, there are many reasons why it could be quiet on the streets off Birmingham, but one thing I know for sure, inside the Birmingham Institute it will be chaos, as Pure Love and their legendary front man are getting ready to take to the stage, but first we have support from Turbogeist.

Photo Of Pure Love © Copyright James DalyTurbogeist are already on the stage as I enter the small but busy venue. The room is already starting to sweat and the crowd are already wrapped up the bands punky thrash sound. Singer Jimmy is taking a break from playing guitar with an arm in a sling, but it allows him to be more active and put more energy into the performance whilst someone else takes over the thrashing guitars. The band play a short set of songs which go down great, the crowd is jumping and getting crazy and the band are sounding great as the come across the speakers. This band are one to check out in the future as they’ve got the room ready to participate in the chaos that is Pure Love.

Photo Of Pure Love © Copyright James DalyPure Love take to the stage rather late, and before they start a few members of the band come out to sound check, this is unusual as the band normally does this earlier in the day, but as it turns out there tour bus broke down on the way to the venue, and they’ve been sat on the motorway most of the day waiting for repairs, they only got to the venue an hour ago, so that’s why things are a bit delayed. But this late and quick sound check doesn’t detract from the sound, as when they come on stage playing the first track from their debut album Anthems, She(Makes The Devil Run Through Me, the sound is amazing. It’s a really raw sound that only amplifies the different styles that run through their album, with a mixture of indie/rock/punk/pop all rolled out throughout. The Photo Of Pure Love © Copyright James Dalycrowd already get into the mood with big inflatables floating around the crowd by the end of second track The Hits, as guitarist Jim Carroll jumps over the small barrier and into the crowd playing his guitar on top off a inflatable fire engine and the sea of people. The stage is filled with inflatables by the end of the song whilst which Frank Carter explains how the band spent their day, before blasting into their last single Beach Of Diamonds.

Photo Of Pure Love © Copyright James DalyThe crowd are singing all the words and love every second of the gig, and when Frank gets to the words “Dive In Dive In” he does just that and jumps over the barrier on the same inflatable fire truck and surfs on the crowd, not only does he crowd surf but he manages to get the crowd to help him do a handstand on top of them, making for a unique sight as a heavily tattooed man floats with his feet in the air across a room off people, whilst still singing along. When the song comes to an end, Frank tells the crowd “I don’t understand, why do people always feel the need to pat me on the back when I come into the crowd” before saying “But where all here for some fun, so do enjoy, we like pits and moshing, but we don’t want any of this hard-core hero shite, look after each other as it’s all about Pure Love!” Frank stays in the crowd as the band starts Anthem, and by the end of the song he’s made his way to the bar at the back of the room and is singing on top of it, whilst having a few drinks. He asks a member of the crowd to help him out, and he jumps on his shoulders and starts making his way to the back to the stage whilst singing Bury My Bones.

Photo Of Pure Love © Copyright James DalyPure Love continue their set by playing Burning Love, a cover of Teenage Kicks, Handsome Devils Club, Scared To Death before bringing the drum kit into the crowd for final song The Riot Song, in which their drummer plays surrounded by the crowd whilst Frank and Jim circle the room. The crowd leave the room happy and pumped up.

It’s clear to say that every Pure Love gig is different, and every gig is exciting, they are one of the best live bands in the country and will always impress, and to go along with great antics and to make a great gig, is great songs and Pure Love have a tonne of them. If you see a live band this year, make sure it’s Pure Love!

Turbogeist 3/5
Pure Love 5/5

Review By James Daly

 Pure Love

Frank Carter
Jim Carroll



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