Gig Review

The Bronx
Single Mothers, Axis Of
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms

15th February 2013

The Bronx                    Single Mothers     Axis Of

Photo Of Single Mothers © Copyright Jude OnionsFirst up tonight is 3 piece Irish band, Axis Of. A heavy drum lead band with some pretty impressive riffs thrown in. I've said this before about first supports but, it's always hard being first up with just a handful of people listening to you. The lads play a good short set tonight, even getting the tiny crowd to sing back to one track!

Single Mothers are LOUD! Hailing from Ontario, Canada, with a hard punk rock sound and screaming a plenty.

Photo Of The Bronx © Copyright Jude Onions'Overdose' is quite a gritty track with slight melodic undertones in parts and gets the crowd warmed up quite well, although I think most are just eager for The Bronx now.
Finishing up a fast paced, high energy set with song 'Babies', which is a song about Babies we are informed!

And finally, The Bronx arrive on stage to a huge applause and kick the set off with the mighty 'Unholy Hand' from their latest album, Bronx IV. The crowd are going absolutely insane already with pockets of potential crowd surfing forming, the atmosphere is just a good way. Continuing the set with 'False Alarm' and 'Shitty Future', frontman Matt gets amongst the fans for most of this, and it's like adding Mentos to Diet Coke, just crazy!

Taking it back a bit, 'Six Days A week' and 'Rape Zombie' continue to keep the crowd on their toes, and inbetween tracks there is plenty of banter with the band encouraging more crowd surfing and to ignore the 'whackass metal baracades'.

Photo Of The Bronx © Copyright Jude OnionsAs we come towards the end of this highly charged ,physically exhausting set, there is just no let up as The Bronx rip it up some more with 'They Will Kill Us (without mercy) ', 'History's Stranglers', closing the set with 'Heart Attack American'.

An epic atmosphere, an even more epic band, what an evening!

Axis Of 2/5
Single Mothers 2/5
The Bronx 5/5

Review By Jude Onions

 The Bronx

Matt Caughthran
Joby J. Ford
Jorma Vik
Brad Magers
Ken Horne

 Single Mothers

Andrew Scott Emerson Thomson
Evan James Redsky
Micheal James Peterson

 Axis Of


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