Gig Review

Heavens Basement , Logan
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall

14th February 2013

Tremonti                        Heavens Basement                 Logan

Logan have seemingly returned even though they haven’t been anywhere, I thought they had given up many years ago but evidentially they are still kicking around! This was the first uplifting moment of the night as I’ve been a big fan since I was in my early teens due to a recommendation from my guitar tutor. I would love to say it was the perfect set but it just lacked their usually confidence and natural presence, usually they’d be spouting commands words of encouragement and take complete control, tonight they just haven’t. The music was great, the performance wasn’t perfect but still perfectly good and I’m just happy they haven’t packed up and called it a day.

Heavens Basement I have been seeing for too many years now and as of late they are cropping up on every rock tour that graces our shores. They just seem to get progressively better every time I see them and tonight I must say has to be the most entertaining yet. Their new vocalist has too much charisma and energy for a small person, just exuding confidence and professionalism with every breath. There isn’t much I can say about this, bouncing off the walls leaping off everything, building hype, good sleazy music alongside some beasty heavy songs, it just had everything. I need to hear their new album “Filthy Empire as I’ve truly been impressed.
Tremonti is a little band put together by Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti to push out material that is in his words “more aggressive” that he didn’t want to waste, not only this though its his time to shine through as a vocalist to which he proves his worth. Whilst Tremonti might not be the most energetic or charismatic front man, with the reaction he gets he doesn’t need to say a word, with those powerful vocals it’s just enough the way it is. It’s a bit weird when it comes to the set list but it can be seen as both a positive and a negative thing. As the band only have a 12 track album under their belt, I thought they’d split it up possibly with a couple of covers from each of their respective projects (I.e. Alter Bridge springs to mind) but instead they just took all of those 12 songs and shook the order up also throwing a couple of unrelased demo’s just for good measure; on one hand, there couldn’t possibly be a fan unhappy as every song was played, but on the other, there was no mystery heading into the show. All in all I was extremely impressed and I’ve been addicted to the music since the day I first heard it, few things I would have changed but 99% perfect is more than good enough for me.

Logan – 3.5/5
Heavens Basement – 4.5/5
Tremonti – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb


Mark Tremonti

 Heaven's Basement

Aaron Buchanan
Sid Glover
Rob Ellershaw
Chris Rivers


Kenny Collins
Mick Coll
Stef Lach
Max McPherson
Calum Blair

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