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Plymouth, White Rabbit

15th February 2013


Photo Of Dead Famous © Copyright Kirsty RichEvarose was the band who kicked off tonights live music, an all female 4 piece. They were followed up by The Dead Famous, a pop-rock band formed by James and Dan (Elliott Minor and Go Audio). The crowd was mainly female populated which was as small as 40 people, it was clear that this band that had probably not played to such a small crowd in a long time, depriving them from creating a crowd atmospher. Nevertheless it did not stop them from acting and performing as the professionals they are, delivering their hit songs “Tell the World”, “Superstar” – a single that has strong melodic vocals mixed with a slight rap twang to it and “Hide Your Halo”.

Photo Of Dead Famous © Copyright Kirsty RichThe last band on tonight were LostAlone, their initial interaction with the crowd was to get everyone to raise their hands in the air and get the whole crowd clapping. Their energy on stage was high from the start with Steven the lead guitarist/singer jumping around the stage during some of their heavier material.

Steven himself has very unique and unusual vocals which should be heard before I can even begin to describe, which during some of their slower songs such as Hostages, show off this unique vocal set.

Their song ‘Creatures’ incorporated more crowd interaction, getting people to wave their hands side to side then lead onto them attempting to get everyone to scream yeah, yeah, yeah louder and louder which kind of failed, probably due to such small numbers in the crowd. During one of the breakdowns they asked everyone to take a piece of paper from the side of the stage with their set list on and tick the songs they enjoyed, so they could get some feedback. I did not see anyone take a sheet!

Photo Of LostAlone © Copyright Kirsty RichTowards the end of the night LostAlone let the audience choose how the next song would be played, either with a double neck guitar (which he has never played before) or to sit in the middle of the crowd and play an acoustic track. A unanimous decision was made in the form of double neck guitar, however, this was short lived as it was not in tune, so the band decided on option 2. Despite this it did not deter anyone and they all sat down together to sing along with Steven as he played his acoustic guitar in the crowd. Following this the audience responded with the loudest cheer and applause of the night.

This being LostAlone’s first night of their headline tour and their first gig at Plymouth’s White Rabbit, I thought that the band showed plenty of energy and during their more upbeat heavy songs, demonstrated the riffs that they can produce. This was again clear in songs such as ‘Love Will Eat You Alive’ and ‘Do You Get What You Pray For?’ but despite that, they didn’t show much in the way of organisation, by forgetting the support acts names.

Photo Of LostALone © Copyright Kirsty RichThis is a band that previously were nominated for “Best British Newcomer” at the Kerrang! Awards in 2007, may not have quite lived up to their full potential. The effort that the bands produced on a cold, quiet winters night is faultless and perhaps if there were a few more people in the crowd then the atmosphere would be a great deal better.

They confirmed during their set that they are making a new album after the tour in which they will return again to touring, hopefully with an album that can reach them into the spotlight that had nearly been paved before when being highlighted as a potential “Best British Newcomer”, in the meantime LostAlone have most definitely given great effort, especially as they were willing to play additional songs in the bus station after the gig had finished!

LostAlone 3/5

Review By Adam Brettell
Photos By Kirsty Rich


Steven Battelle
Mark Gibson
Alan Williamson

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