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Orange Goblin
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, The Earls Of Mars, Eyes Of The Raven
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms

6th February 2013

Orange Goblin              Sir Cloudesley Shovell      The Earls Of Mars  Eyes Of The Raven

Photo Of Eyes Of The Raven © Copyright Jude OnionsFirst up tonight is local 5 piece, Eyes Of The Raven. Taking their influences from the likes of Down, Metallica, CoC and the mighty Black Sabbath, the product of this is pretty damn impressive. Closing their brief set with 'Bury Your Demons' the crowd have been well and truly warmed up.

Next we have something completely different in the shape of 'The Earls Of Mars'. First thing I am drawn to is the electric double bass, quite a unique thing to see at a rock gig, and then without any warning at all we were thrown into some rather odd, eclectic, space Photo Of The Earls Of Mars © Copyright Jude Onionssounding music, just a real bizarre but entertaing group to experience. One track that did stand out was 'The Mirrored Staircase', very somber but poetical. Check them out if you can, certainly entertaining.

Main support comes from the oddly named, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell. The trio have a look and sound of the 60's/70's era, nothing like the previous two acts, and nothing like the headliner but still a good sound and stage presence from the chaps, including some rather flexible moves from both guitarists that made my muscles ache just watching them!

Photo Of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell © Copyright Jude OnionsThe atmosphere has been relatively calm so far this evening in the Slade Rooms, but I have a feeling that's about to change as Orange Goblin take the small stage in their hands and start to rip it up, Stoner metal style!

The first tracks into the set, inc 'The Filthy & The Few' and 'Made Of Rats' get the crowd in a spin, bouncing along like no tomorrow and singing every word back at lead singer Ben Ward as he makes the most of the stage space, and barrier to connect with these loyal fans.

Photo Of Orange Goblin © Copyright Jude OnionsDuring track 'Turbo Effalunt', Harry Armstrong from previous band The Earls of Mars joins Orange Goblin onstage to add vocals, aswell as the drummer from Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, who crawls onstage and sits cross legged by the drum kit, to take in some of the atmosphere.

The magnificent set continues with 'Some You Win, Some You Lose', 'Your World Will Hate This', 'They Come Back (Harvest Of Skulls)' and 'Quincy The Pigboy'. The crowd are very charged towards the end of this energetic evening, and encourage the band back for the encore with chants of "We want the Goblin", to which the band oblige and take to the stage for set closers 'Blue Snow' and 'Red Tide Rising'.

Now Orange Goblin are a full time band, Ben announces that we should be seeing a lot more of them and will be back round these parts next year hopefully, I for one will deffinately be there if they do. Brilliant band through and through.

Eyes Of The Raven 2/5
The Ears Of Mars 2/5
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell 3/5
Orange Goblin 5/5

Review By Jude Onions

 Orange Goblin

Ben Ward
Joe Hoare
Martyn Millard
Chris Turner

 The Admiral Sir


 The Earls Of Mars


 Eyes Of The Raven

Dave Horan
Damon Cartwrigh
Craig Preston
Ross Pickett
Adam Hobo Seabright

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