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Black Veil Brides
Chiodos, Tonight Alive, Fearless Vampire Killers
Birmingham, Academy

14th February 2013

Black Veil Brides         Chiodos                Tonight Alive      Fearless Vampire Killers

Photo Of Fearless Vampire Killers © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are Fearless Vampire Killers. I'd liken them to early My Chemical Romance, somewhere between the first two albums, certainly in their live performance, I can't comment on their studio stuff. They are a lively band, and the music is fairly catchy, it keeps one entertained and kicks off the night in fine style. They open with the lively 'Bow Ties on Dead Guys', (the titles even sound like MCR songs) this is followed by 'Bite Down on My Winchester' and 'Death or Disgrace' talking things down a little, then an odd Elton John cover, 'I'm still standing', just with the pace taken out of the song and replaced with a touch of heaviness. After a few more decent songs on which keep the crowd going they close out with, 'At War With The Thirst', not a bad closing song, finishing strongly and setting a decent bar for the rest of the bands to follow.

Photo Of  Tonight Alive © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up are Tonight Alive, nice people as I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna and Whak. I say this a lot but so many of female fronted bands seem to follow the Paramore formula, when it works its great, when it doesn't its just boring and predictable. This band are one of the good ones. The drums on the opening tracks are quite heavy but they are toned down a bit with the following songs. The vocals are pretty stand out for me, while all the songs have a touch of varying heaviness in them to mix things up a bit.They are a lively band and hold your attention pretty well, again they take the bar up some more keeping the following bands on their toes.

Photo Of Chiodos © Copyright Robert LawrenceAll I can smell is hair dye, I guess there aren't a lot of natural black haired people here tonight!

Main support tonight are Chiodos, they take things in a heavier direction, the heaviest so far by some way. They open with, 'The Undertakers Thirsts For Revenge Is Unquenchable', swiftly followed by 'Two Birds Stoned At Once', and my highlight of the set 'Thermacare' as the guitar playing is just top notch on this song, so much so I stay down one end of the pit to listen to the monitor as it sounds just superb, great riffs. The heaviness is constant throughout, lots of heavy bass with some meaty guitar riffs sneaking about through the songs such as 'If I Cut My Hair Hawaii Will Suck', 'A Letter From Janelle' and Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright Robert Lawrenceset closer, 'The Words 'best friend' Become Redefined'.
Their set just flys by as their liveliness just doesn't let up, just like their movement on stage is constant. Great set and some act to follow,

I wasn't sure what to make of Black Veil Brides, my opinion of them was split, they had good music but wasn't sure about them as they sounded quite a bit like Avenged Sevenfold, I guess you either love them or hate them, as many do.

They open with 'Bulletproof', it's a rather lively way to open the set but I'd have gone with a newer song 'Wretched & Divine', but 'Bulletproof' is still a storming track to liven the night back up after a rather lengthy change over in which nothing happened and they were late on to the stage and the drummer looked a bit worse for wear as he was helped on to the drum kit.

In between the second and third songs, the superb 'New Religion' and newer track 'Wretched & Divine', they had a few guitar technical difficulties, but they were sorted out after a few short minutes. Next up was a cover of 'Rebel Yell', but I thought it really lacked the attitude of the original and also the HIM cover of it too.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright Robert LawrenceI have to say I prefer this band live as it's highly entertaining set to watch, the band really interact with the crowd playing up the rock star image to the crowd, it's good to see when it's done well.

The midset consists of 'Shadows Die', 'Rebel Love Song' and Resurrect The Sun', kind of apt with all the shitty weather we are having at the moment, but there is really no let up from BVB as they are on it tonight, playing songs flawlessly on the most part while being highly mobile and playing for the crowd, mind you with them only playing for an hour you can keep up this sort of high energy gig for the duration.

They close out the night with 'Perfect Weapon', 'Legacy', and the highly catchy 'Fallen Angels' with the crowd really singing along as they have done all evening, the kids are having a good time. After a short break BVB play one final song, 'In The End' to polish off the night in fine style.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright Robert LawrenceOne thing that really annoys me, is the sort of crowd this band have attracted, mostly teenage girls, mostly attention seeking kids, what really annoys me more is kids 'acting' drunk, and over hearing one girl saying how she wished she'd brought a knife to the gig so she could cut herself, how stupid are these kids? Other than this gripe, it was a pretty entertaining night 4 good bands each one upstaging the one before.

Fearless Vampire Killers 3.5/5
Tonight Alive 3.5/5
Chiodos 4/5
Black Veil Brides 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Black Veil Brides

Andy Biersack
Jake Pitts
Ashley Purdy
Christian CC Coma


Craig Owens
Pat McManaman
Matt Goddard
Bradley Bell
Derrick Frost
Thomas Erak

 Tonight Alive

Jenna McDougall
Jake Hardy
Cam Adler
Matt Best

 Fearless Vampire Killers

Laurence Beveridge
Kier Kemp
Drew Woolnough
Cyrus Barrone
Luke Illingworth

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