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Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun
Ellen Cox, This Calamity
Plymouth, White Rabbit

7th February 2013

Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun         

Photo Of Ellen Cox © Copyright Kirsty RichTonight’s music which was hosted by The White Rabbit in Plymouth was headlined by Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, supported by This Calamity and Ellen Cox.

The night started off with This Calamity, well Martyn Crocker the lead singer/guitarist doing a solo set, who provided well written lyrics accompanied by nice vocals and an acoustic guitar.

Photo Of Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun © Copyright Kirsty RichNext to take to the stage was Welsh singer/songwriter Ellen Cox with meaningful lyrics and upbeat rhythms . Ellen’s onstage clumsiness helped her to capture the audiences’ attention, making jokes out of retuning her guitar and hitting her nose on the mic.

Then was the headline act, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, having not seeing this young quartet before I didn’t know what to expect. I think that the folk/rock genre can be hard to crack when dealing with live crowds due to the slow guitar rhythms found in some mixed genres such as this. However, JL&TSS managed to capture the right balance of folk and rock within each of their songs.

Photo Of Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun © Copyright Kirsty RichDespite the crowd being relatively small the band played with passion and it was clear that they put everything they had into each song. Within seconds of them coming onto the stage everyone in the room moved away from the bar and straight to the front of the stage!

The majority of their songs tend to start off slow with Jim playing his acoustic guitar then the rest of the band are introduced sporadically throughout the song to build up power, this is present in songs such as “Wishing Well”, “A Song About Death” and most notably in “England’s Dead” their final and most popular song.

Photo Of Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun © Copyright Kirsty RichThe guitars and melodic vocals complimented each other during some of the slower songs such as “Everything And The Heart” and “Wolves” which although aren’t crowd roaring songs still captured the audience. “Warriors”, a more folk, upbeat song however provided a perfect opportunity for the crowd to dance.
During “Boat song” the entire band went into the heart of the crowd to play, something I have not experienced much at gigs. One guitar, one melodic (keyboard in which you blow air through), drummer with a tambourine and two vocalists, this really had an intimate feel to it. This mixed with Jim inviting the audience to join them for a drink after the show and the bands outstanding ability to win over the whole crowd is something I doubt I’ll see for a very long time with another band.

Photo Of Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun © Copyright Kirsty RichJim Lockey & The Solemn Sun are a very likeable, upbeat band showing fantastic energy on stage, they have been likened to musicians such as Frank Turner who is known for his incredible live performances. If JL&TSS return to Plymouth, as this was their first time here, I would be the first in line to buy the tickets not just for me but for friends also as this is band whom just need those few extra people in the crowd to let the spectators know how truly good they are.

Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun – 4.5/5

Review By Adam Brettell
Photos By Kirsty Rich

 Jim Lockey The Solemn Sun

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