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Enter Shikari
Cancer Bats, Engine Earz Experiment
Birmingham, Institute

15th December 2012

Enter Shikari                 Cancer Bats               Engine Earz Experiment

Photo Of Cancer Bats © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up are electronic/dub step band Engine Earz Experiment and right away I knew I was going to have a bad time, it's slow it's boring and not all that exciting to watch, too much smoke and the random lighting make it rather boring, just random beats and that distinct and annoying wub wub sound, with a too shouty over opinionated vocalist, with the female half throwing out lots of wooooahs and moans, not sure what the point is but there you have it. The crowd, at times, looked as bored as I am.

Photo Of Cancer Bats © Copyright Robert LawrenceCancer Bats are up next, a band I've never seen but have heard a fair few things about and they have always been on one tour or another. I suspect that some folk here tonight are here for Cancer Bats only and may leave when they are done. They are a hard core/metal band from the US, and have a pretty energetic sound with a good amount of heaviness to it, they are also a rather energetic band stage pressence wise, so watching them is pretty good. They have some real heavy moments in 'Sorceress', and 'Lucifers Rocking Chair' is pretty awesome, heavy and catchy, a good slow heavy head banger. They play a pretty heavy and very lively cover of the Beastie Boys 'Sabotage', I like it a lot too. They close out their set with 'Hail Destroyer', which is a pretty damn awesome heavy song, seems heavier than the album version too. 'R.A.T.S' is the final song of the set and close out in lively style suspecting using the last bits of energy they have left, leaving the stage being a tough act to follow.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter missing out on seeing Enter Shikari so many times before, tonight is the 3rd time of seeing them in 14 months, and I have to say I have become a huge fan of their mixed rock/metal and electronic sound, and fast becoming one of the bands I really like to see live, as they put on a great show, and tonight is no different even though they hit the stage at the rather early time of 8:15pm.

They open their set with 'System' and the lighting goes nuts with the crowd following suit. As I've seen them before there is no doubt the band is full of energy on the second night of Birmingham shows. 'Meltdown' and 'Sssnakepit', (I really want to try the beer), follow taking the energy up a notch, one of my particular favourites is 'Gandhi mate, Gandhi', such a fun high energy track. The part which amuses me most is where the song breaks down after Rou goes a tad mental.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe pit is a dangerous place to be tonight, crowd surfers everywhere and every few seconds too. The band tonight are really on it, it's sounds livelier and heavier than usual, I guess there's more energy to feed off in a smaller venue, it's rather electrifying.

They continue their high octane set with the likes of 'Labyrinth', 'Destabilise', 'Return to Energiser',.'Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here' sees Rou on the keys for the intro. At this stage we are over the half way point, the set has pretty much flown by in fine style. 'Gap In The Fence' is started in comedic fashion with a bad cover of a song played on the acoustic guitar before the rest of the band kick back in.

Photo Of Enter Shikari © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe final few songs of the main set are 'Juggernauts', 'Arguing With Thermometers' and 'Mothership', all Superb lively songs to keep the crowd highly energised for the encore.

Enter Shikari open the encore with 'Constellations', it's a pretty good song taking things down a notch and finish the song with confetti canons covering the room in confetti and glitter. The final two songs of the night are the highly catchy and tuneful 'Pack Of Thieves', and the aptly named 'Zzzonked', which is how you should be feeling after the gig is finished, taking your last dregs of energy if you've done the night properly which many have.

Engine Earz Experiment 0/5
Cancer Bats 4/5
Enter Shikari 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Enter Shikari


 Cancer Bats

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Liam Cormier
Mike Peters
Jaye R. Schwarzer

 Engine Earz Experiment

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