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Fozzy, Breed 77
Birmingham, Academy 2

29th November 2012

Fozzy                                Soil                                     Breed 77

Breed 77 hit the stage to what would appear to be a decent crowd considering the size of the room but for all the people they appear to be very quiet this evening. Most bands would find this a problem but these guys try to have a laugh with the situation which gets many laughs but the situation still stays the same. You cannot flaw this front man’s confidence and charisma because if it wasn’t for him this set would have been very awkward and uncomfortable; the highlights for me were their cover of “Poison” by the great Alice Cooper, their cover of “Zombies” is something not to be underrated as it’s a huge anthem and finally their own song “Insects” which I’ve loved for years, I can safely say that I’ve never seen a band deal with such a poor crowd reaction better than this, their front man has a fantastic sense of humour that has salvaged the other members moral and kept everyone in high spirits, it didn’t even knock their performing abilities either.

Fozzy hit the stage and the energy levels explode as the chanting begins; “FOZZY, FOZZY, FOZZY”, and that continues viciously through the entire night after every single song. They use AC/DC’s song “Whadda Ya Do For Money Honey” as their intro tape as the members take point on the stage before kicking into “Spider In My Mouth” as Mr Chris Jericho emerges who this evening has some of the best vocals I’ve heard the man produce. Following through into their latest single “Sandpaper” the charisma is off the charts, getting down with the crowd, bounding around the stage, swinging his arms around while lead guitarist Rich Ward providing some very harsh metal screams provoking the more aggressive edge to the set. Their set flew by before you’d even known it had started because it was just so good that nothing was ever going to be enough, always wanted more as Jericho dives all over the crowd takes a camera and takes his own photos on the very last song using his years of experience in entertaining crowds to push a rock show to new boundaries.

SOiL tonight is a very big deal to me as it’s the first time I will get to see them perform with original vocalist Ryan McCombs and I’ll tell you what they did not disappoint me, McCombs is charismatic and energetic, his humour is not wasted either the way he interacts with the crowd to get them involved with his jokes, getting down on the barrier with the front row and even during their set closer, the infamous “Halo” he dragged his microphone and stand offstage and made his way to the dead centre of the crowd to sing the entire song with us noting that “you guys are the nicest crowd I’ve ever walked into” well it was either that or the diciest, I think the second well it was Birmingham after all. Opening with one of the favourites “Breaking Me Down” which was a perfect opener and then spreading through their set with some favourites like “Unreal” and “Redefine”, I think the band is stronger than they’ve ever been before with a positive outlook on life and an uplifting live show, bring on the album next year!

Breed 77 4/5
Fozzy 4.5/5
SOiL 4.5/5

Review By James Webb


Chris Jericho
Rich Ward
Frank Fontsere
Paul Di Leo
Billy Grey


Adam Zadel
Tim King
Ryan McCombs
Jon Wysocki

 Breed 77

Paul Isola
Danny Felice
Stuart Cavilla
Pedro Caparros López
Andre Joyzi

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