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Stone Sour
Papa Roach
London, Brixton Academy

10th December 2012

Stone Sour               Papa Roach

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerWe arrived at Brixton Academy a good 30minutes before Papa Roach were due on stage and we were greeted with the biggest queue I have seen at a gig in a long time, the doors had already been open for a good 40minutes and the queue went around the building with the tail end nearly meeting up again with the main doors of the venue, luckily the staff were fast working tonight and the queue went down in no time at all.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerWhen we got inside the Academy we headed into the main hall in time for Papa Roach to take to the stage who smashed their first show in the UK in a couple of years like they had never been away from the country or the music scene, they opened up with current single ‘Still Swingin’ which had the crowd moving in a mad frenzy with frontman Jacoby Shaddix jumping off stage and right into the crowd towards the end of the song proving that he still is and always will be the energetic front man people have come to love over the years.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerPapa Roach managed to fit 12 songs into a 50minutes set and they put on a show like they were headlining tonight in the form of a shortened down greatest hits style set which featured the likes of new track ‘Where Did The Angles Go?’ crowd pleasers such as ‘Getting Away With Murder’, ‘Scars’, ‘Hollywood Whore’ and the classics from ‘Infest’ that are ‘Dead Cell’, ‘Between Angels And Insects’ and regular set closer ‘Last Resort’.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerStone Sour took to the stage with a massive cheer from the crowd and wasted no time opening up with recently album ‘House Of Gold And Bones Part 1’ openers ‘Gone Sovereign’ and ‘Absolute Zero’, the songs went down well with the majority of the crowd but for me there was something missing like a lack of energy and passion, but luckily as the set progressed Stone Sour came into their element and smashed it with the likes of ‘Hell And Consequences’, ‘Made Of Scars’, ‘Reborn’, ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’, the ever so explosive ‘Get Inside’ plus also the live premier of ‘The Travelers Pt 2’ and ‘Last Of The Real’ which were special moments for the crowd tonight after Corey Taylor repeatedly told the crowd how England is his favourite country and London is his favourite city to play.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerThe en-core featured Corey Taylor doing a slight acoustic cover of ‘Nutshell’ by Alice In Chains before proceeding into fan favourite ‘Bother’ which had the whole of the venue singing their hearts out alongside their hero Corey Taylor, the pace then picked up for a great trio of songs as Stone Sour closed the set in a heavy yet sing-a-long way with the likes of ‘Through Glass’, ‘Digital (Did You Tell)’ and ‘30/30 - 150’.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerStone Sour put on a great show tonight like always but Papa Roach just about had the edge over them with their sing-a-long classics and pure energetic stage presence and Jacoby Shaddix proving that he can easily match Corey Taylor when it comes to being a great front man.

The only downside of the night was hearing how many people had been pick pocketed which is pretty sad when you pay your hard earned money to come to a show for it to end in disaster due to some low life thieving gangs who operate through the London live scene.

Papa Roach 4.5/5
Stone Sour 4/5

Review By Trigger

 Stone Sour

Corey Taylor
Jim Root
Josh Rand
Roy Mayorga

 Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix
Jerry Horton
Tobin Esperance
Tony Palermo

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