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The Bots
Manchester, Roadhouse

2nd November 2012

The Bots                      

All I can say to start this off is WOW!, and hopefully from that you'll be able to guess how The Bots set was tonight.

The Bots are a small 2 Piece from the states and they absolutely stole the night with their rusty guitar riffs and synth piano compositions leaving a joyous ring in their fans ears from the feed back not only from the amps but from the crowd them selves.

After the first song the band were experiencing some quite shocking troubles from a distortion peddle that was cause for concern and also caused them to bond with the crowd who were in ore of them anyway and to have a little chat with the band to find out the two musical rock gods were sound as a pound. Their performance was animated to say the least, with guitarist/lead vocals finding his way in the crowd on a number of occasions absolutely owning not only the stage but the venue itself, outstanding!

The Bots are a very young version of the White Stripes mixed with a hint of N E R D, with a growing popularity to match with fans requesting old material that was sign that these youngsters are a hidden gem and are building quite a following And rightly so.

I am so happy their technical difficulties didn't effect the show that was a one of a kind awesome site to see.

The Bots 5/5

Review By Ciro Guadagno

 The Bots

Anaiah Lei
Mikaiah Lei

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