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Heavens Basement
Birmingham, Institute

18th November 2012

Seether                             Heavens Basement

Heavens Basement are one of those hit and miss support bands this evening; the vocalist shows his nerves by what appears to be nervously pacing around the stage and the other members bar the lead guitarist all remain motionless as the lead guitarist being one of the sole original members of this band has had many a show to this degree of room size and high attendance before. They play a fair few new tracks and a couple of old songs that I recognise, amicably played by the lads but I don’t know what about this set doesn’t feel right, the obvious nerves perhaps? I’m not too sure but I remember this new Heavens Basement putting on extremely insane shows but this isn’t one to add to that tally, maybe a smaller headline set is where they belong at this moment in time, big leagues are a nerve-wracking thing.

Seether fully embrace the old school live presence of the Grunge genre, interaction to the bare minimum, literally we barely got a “thank you” after each song and that was about it, the rest of the time was filled with feedback and distorted instrumental noises. What I like about vocalist Shaun Morgan is that he doesn’t just sing the exact notes lay down on the album; he shakes it up a bit and sings alternate notes seemingly improvised based on his feelings which are all good by me. Seether have released 4 full studio albums of original material (obviously this doesn’t include “Disclaimer II” which was mostly re-mastered and remixed songs) and they spread their set list around them throwing a couple in from “Karma and Effect”, couple from “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces” (both of which albums in my opinion was less popular and much less impressive than their other albums), 3 from their latest release “Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray” and 5 from their masterpiece of a debut record “Disclaimer” . The most memorable songs for me as apart from a few odd humorous comments and a nice big thank you speech before set closer “Remedy” (which absolutely slayed every other song may I add) there wasn’t many “moments” to speak of, but as for songs; opening up with the powerful “No Jesus Christ”, aggressive renditions of “No Resolution” and “Gasoline”, the heart warming “Here and Now” and “Tonight”, last but not least a beautiful Shaun Morgan only version of “The Gift” before my favourite moment the highly improvised version of “Broken”, it may have taken years but waiting for this headline set for me was completely worthwhile.

Heavens Basement 3.5/5
Seether 4/5

Review By James Webb


Shaun Morgan
Dale Stewart
John Humphrey

 Heavens Basement

Aaron Buchanan
Sid Glover
Rob Ellershaw
Chris Rivers

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