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Twin Atlantic
Charlie Simpson
Bristol, Academy

6th November 2012

Twin Atlantic           Charlie Simpson

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Kirsty RichWhen we arrived at Bristol 02 we heard Charlie Simpson playing, having started his set 15 minutes early. Sadly this meant that we missed a large part of his set. The acoustic folk rock of Charlie's solo project went down pretty well. And it seemed like quite a few people were familiar with his debut album "Young Pilgrim". As much as I dislike Busted, Charlie's talent is undeniable and this shows his versatility after the heavier "Fightstar".

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Kirsty RichThe Lights went down and there was a big applause as the sound of "Bohemian Rhapsody" played over the speakers while the members of the Scottish alternative rock band Twin Atlantic took their places on stage. The lights Illuminate the stage as Barry Mckenna's gritty guitar sound kicks in with the opening chord of "Time For You To Stand Up" of the bands second studio album "Free" Craig Kneale's heavy drum beats provide a driving force that matches Sam McTrusty's powerful rocky vocals.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Marc RichThe crowd responded well as the band worked though "Apocalyptic Renegade", "Light Speed", "Dreamember" and "The Ghost Of Eddie" before mixing in some of older tracks from "Vivarium". The older songs didn't get quite the welcome, with a lot less people singing along, and not as much movement giving the middle of the set a bit of a lull. The boys on stage were moving around engulfed in light, and as always with Twin Atlantic they seemed to cherish every moment. Whilst the atmosphere might have died down slightly the sound was still phenomenal. With only two studio albums out, it can be difficult to find the right set, even more so for a band like this who want to give their fans all they can. Playing twenty tracks including the encore, including the B-side "Sparkly Touch" and "A Guidance From Colour" of their 2008 ep of the same name. Twin Atlantic even performed a new song "Brothers & Sisters" teasing the possibility of a new release and fantastic follow up to "Free".

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Kirsty RichThe set exploded on the bands last track "Free" in which Barry showcases his talent on the keyboard, an instrument that Ross McNae also played a few times during the night. The entire room was singing along and Sam even let them take the last chorus. With almost the entire room singing along word for word with their hands in the air shows just how far they've come since I saw them a few years ago. They won over the smaller crowds and they're finally getting the breakthrough they deserve.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Kirsty RichThe crowd didn't waste any time cheering for more, and they were rewarded with Sam coming out by with his acoustic guitar and performing a moving version of The Beatles "All My Loving". The crowd still on a high from "Free" set up perfectly for "Crash Land". With Barry coming on stage with his Cello, similar to the Pro-record acoustic version. From the very beginning to the very end the entire crowd sung at the top of their lungs without missing a word. Nearly drowning out Sam and one of the most incredible moments I've ever experienced, I can hardly imagine what it was like for the band. They followed up with "Yes, I Was Drunk" before finishing off with "Make A Beast Of Myself" with Ross's fun bass fills. The crowd continued to sing the songs line for line but not quite to the magnitude of "Crash Land" which was on a completely different level but none the less an absolutely incredible end to an incredible show.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Kirsty RichTwin Atlantic are extremely talented and always put on a great show, and tonight was probably the best I've ever seen them perform. I thought a lot about what to rate this, but the show, the end of it was out of this world and a definite five, but they don't quite have the songs behind them to carry that energy and atmosphere though the entire set. I can't wait for them to release a follow up to "Free" and I would recommend that everyone who hasn't seen these go check them out as soon as you can.

Charlie Simpson 3/5
Twin Atlantic 4/5

Review By Marc Rich
Photos By Kirsty Rich

 Twin Atlantic

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Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
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Charlie Simpson

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