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Trepalium, Klone
Wolverhampton, The Slade Rooms

12th November 2012

Gojira                        Trepalium         Klone

Photo Of Klone © Copyright Jude OnionsKlone are first up tonight a progressive death metal band. I always think it's harder to be the first ones on at this venue as the stage is small and with usually three bands worth of kit on, so movement is restricted to more or less on the spot. Nevertheless, Klone seem to handle it quite well and play a good set with a fair cover of Bjork's 'Army of Me' that goes down well with the crowd and concludes their brief set.

Photo Of Trepalium © Copyright Jude OnionsNext band to hit the stage are Trepalium, another from the progressive death metal genre. The crowd seems to respond better to this five piece band from France. The music is loud and full of downright dirty riffs and even louder drums. Vocal wise, I myself cannot understand one word but this genre is not really my cup of tea however, it all seems very rounded and performance wise Trepalium are having a lot of fun screaming and growling everyone’s faces off.

Photo Of Gojira © Copyright Jude OnionsThe main band for this evening is Gojira opening with 'Explosia' an aptly named track to start with; the crowds go nuts with not a head staying still.
I didn't think it could get much louder than the first two bands this evening but, my ears are ringing through the defenders as we are whipped up into a riff driven frenzy by the metal machine. 'Flying Whales' and 'Backbone' from the album 'Mars to Sirius' are next tracks up and the heat is really starting to pick up in the room with everyone looking a little 'damp'. Powering through their set with further epic tracks including 'L'Enfant Sauvage', 'The Art of Dying' and the excellent 'Vacuity' it's safe to say that Gojira own the stage tonight, regardless of how small it is.

Finishing up with 'The Gift of Guilt' I'm going to guess most people will be a bit deaf in the morning and with stiff necks but chuffed that they witnessed such an amazing metal powerhouse performance.

Klone 2/5
Trepalium 2/5
Gojira 4/5

Review By Jude Onions


Joe Duplantier
Mario Duplantier
Christian Andreu
Jean-Michel Labadie


Harun Demiraslan.
Nicolas Amosse.
Cédric Punda (KK).
Sylvain Bouvier.
Ludovic Chauveau.


Yann Ligner
Guillaume Bernard
Aldrick Guadagnino
Florent Marcadet
Jean Etienne Maillard :
Matthieu Metzger

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