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Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow
Birmingham, Institute

11th November 2012

Architects                  Deez Nuts           Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow for me absolutely dominated the night; they really had everything you could expect from a live performance. They include the crowd wherever possible with singing and getting involved of which the response is terrific, they even try the age old Slipknot famous move of making everyone crouch down and jump up on a count which I must say is more successful than I expected. They split their set from their debut album “Portraits” and their latest studio release “The Union Of Crowns”, they show respect for the venue and its staff whilst inciting chaos and having a laugh with this capacity audience, their vocalist hanging off the lighting rigs and surfing all over the crowd dishing out high fives which is quite the sight. There you go, comedy (Bass player even begged for tits), aggression and a flat out metal onslaught.

Deez Nuts are a band I’d heard a lot about from various people so had come to expect a good performance, now whilst musically they were spot on the vocalist really didn’t have the right attitude to keep up with the pace of this evening, he seems less than enthused about being onstage tonight. An impressive factor though is that they only allow the momentum to ease up a couple of times, 1 of which was for an uninspired introduction and the other was to dedicate a song to the recently tragic lost Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence. Apart from that there isn’t much from the set that I will remember, they never even let a song finish before another started there was no rest for the wicked. When it all comes down to it whilst they played a vast number of songs and the pace was high, the general attitude and stage presence of their vocalist dragged this set down in my books.

Architects pick the pace right back up though and absolutely slay the memory of Deez Nuts’s less than enthusiastic set, blasting through mostly songs from their new album “Daybreaker” throwing a few in from “Hollow Crown” and “Here And Now” mixing it up a bit. After the initial shock I had of seeing lead vocalist Sam Carter with short hair the power he has as a vocalist really shines through as he carried that band through a 13 song long set never losing energy or focus. Don’t get me wrong the music is note for note perfect but Carter is definitely the main attraction as the rest of the band stay out of his way and take more of a back seat whilst he drives the material in, “Day In Day Out”, “Even If You Win, You’re Still A Rat”, and set closer “These Colours Don’t Run” were the best tracks in my eyes as they are some of my favourite Architects tracks, but alongside that you can’t forget what made the show is the stage presence and sheer performance provided by the band themselves, fantastic package and a wicked set.

Bury Tomorrow 5/5
Deez Nuts 3.5/5
Architects 4.5/5

Review By James Webb


Sam Carter
Tom Searle
Dan Searle
Onkar Judge

 Deez Nuts

JJ Peters
Matt 'Realbad' Rogers
Jon Green
Alex Salinger

 Bury Tomorrow

Davyd Winter Bates
Mehdi Vismara
Daniel Winter Bates
Adam Jackson
Jason Cameron

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