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Coheed And Cambria
Fighting With Wire
Birmingham, Academy

11th November 2012

Coheed And Cambria         Fighting with Wire           

Photo Of Fighting With Wire © Copyright Robert LawrenceFighting with Wire are the only support on this leg of the tour, they are a 3 piece hard rock band from Ireland. They are plenty raw in their sound, it ambles along at times before going mental for a few brief seconds, amble is probably a poor choice of words as its hardly slow stuff. They have a fair few decent riffs but it’s not the catchiest of material, the singer sounds like the vocalist from funeral for a friend at times and early on a bit like the vocalist from rage against the machine, odd I know but then again I could barely hear the vocals just lots of guitar and drums. They are an alright band, not exactly breaking boundaries and pushing the sonic barrier, but overall a band that would probably make a mentionable note on a playlist, but not something I'd buy.

Photo Of Coheed And Cambria © Copyright Robert LawrenceOn this tour fans are treated to a warm up acoustic set by Coheed and Cambria, Claudio opens the set with Pearl of the stars; it's a nice way to ease into the night, with some crowd singing along which happens even more so in Favour house Atlantic, with crowd practically singing every word to the song. My favourite song of the short acoustic set is Mother Superior, almost like the album version only much more heartfelt, it works better as an acoustic song, and it’s just superb. They close out the acoustic set with Wake up, a good way to remind the crowd to do just that when they kick in with the full blooded electric set.

Photo Of Coheed And Cambria © Copyright Robert LawrenceC&C open their full blooded set with one of my favourites, No world for tomorrow, what an electric opening, super catchy song, there's nothing bad I can say about the song, it’s how you write a metal song. One thing I will say about the band is that they are not to everyone's liking, some of the material is hard to get into, this is not the case with the following opening songs, Gravemakers and Gunslingers. Everything evil, Sentry the defiant are songs that proper C&C fans will get, and then the superbly catchy Ten speed, a really great song to get the casual fan back into the set.

Photo Of Coheed And Cambria © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey play a new song off the latest album, the opening and title track, The Afterman, it's a pretty good song, it takes the night down a notch, it feels like a opening track, could have been well suited to the acoustic part of the night. The middle set has songs that you either like or don't, The Suffering, Here we are Juggernaut are songs that really tell you what this band is like in general, the musicianship is superb, but there no killer riff or solo in the songs, the crowd loves every well played moment of them.

Getting into the final third of the night, they play the likes of Goodnight, fair lady, In keeping secrets of silent earth 3, which closes out the main set to much a massive cheer from the crowd, each song gradually getting better before a killer encore of songs.

Photo Of Coheed And Cambria © Copyright Robert LawrenceThem final few songs are Domino the Destitute which opens the encore which is swiftly followed by an electric rendition of Favour House Atlantic, then the blindingly superb and set closer Welcome Home in which Claudio breaks out the double neck Gibson, what a way to close out the night, with a bit of show boating from Claudio, playing that double neck behind his neck!

Coheed and Cambria are one of them bands that you have to see live to understand just how damn good they are, Superb night!

Fighting with Wire 3/5
Coheed And Cambria 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Coheed And Cambria

Claudio Sanchez
Travis Stever
Josh Eppard
Zach Cooper

 Fighting With Wire

Cahir O'Doherty
Craig McKean
Jamie King

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