Gig Review

The Infadels
Plus A.Human
Southampton, Joiners
10th March 2008

The Infadels                  A.Human

Back at the Joiners, hooray. We'd brought the rain with us and cowered in the doorway alone. It seemed nobody else was coming for when the doors were supposed to open, and I wondered what to expect crowd-wise.

When we eventually got in, the support band were just finishing sound-check and we sat in the bar and had a couple of pints, watching people trickle in. Sensing the set was about to start, we moved into the main room. And strangely, there were loads of people in there all of a sudden; brilliant.

I'd listened to the band briefly before I left for the gig and was very much looking forward to the show. Based in London, A.Human have some awesome electro indie songs, and I couldn't wait, as the six-piece scrambled onto the tiny stage surrounded by guitars and numerous synths.

Opening with a strange introduction involving everyone and everything, slowly layering up into a funky explosion, I couldn't help but look at the singer's interesting choice of dance moves and facial expressions. Imagine Howard Moon in front of the mirror with some scat jazz on full power. That's good enough. Add in a few more disturbing thrusts and you're there. It distracted me even from a Thom Yorke on the bass, but aside from that, when singing, his voice was amazing and perfectly in tune, calling out over a funky indie synth wondermix. They played awesome tracks awesome tracks including "Black Moon" and "Fraudulent Truths," featuring an live bonus line of "so fuck 'em!" They retained a good sense of humour even during in-band set-list confusion. These guys were good, and the now nearly full room, was loving it. Ending on a cover "Horse With No Name," A.Human had been an excellent opener to a, so far, extremely entertaining evening. They made their way off stage, now the thrusts had ceased, and polite conversation with the crowd broke out. Baffling, but amazing. Time for another pint.

When the Infadels come on stage, the first thing you notice is the mis-match of people, in this five-piece. The scruffy tight-jeaned indie kid on the keys, hopping around like a loony, the 'fresh-out-of-Orson' guitarist, the 'I'm all of Franz Ferdinand combined' drummer, the sophisticated bassist with cravates, scarves and jackets galore, and the front man of it all, who looked more like a cockney hitman than anything else, with leather jacket, bald head, and gold chain. Oh my my. Can these nut-jobs really create those awesome songs? Yes, quite frankly, they can.

Jumping head-first into the atmosphere created by A.Human, the Infadels picked up exactly where the previous band left off. As the singer leaped around the stage, you could see they were all having as much of a good time as the crowd, and often made their feelings known.

"You know when you see us with no food or no petrol, well, this makes it all worth it."<

The second song was their newest single from the forthcoming album "Universe In Reverse." The song was "Make Mistakes," a high octane jumpy tune with a delightfully memorable chorus line, which was just one of the many new songs thrown into the set-list along with old favourites.

"It's cool that you'll lend an ear to our new stuff," commented the singer as the sweat began to drip from each band member, symbolising perfectly the energetic music these guys produce, that inspire anyone and everyone to move, whether is be a shy rhythmic twitch or a full on rave.

And then, a slow Western-like reverbed guitar intro. No prizes for what comes next, "Topboy" greets our ears as once again the singer leaps his height, up in the air. Other predictable highlights of the set were "Reality TV," and "Murder That Sound," which both received mighty applause. Over an hour into the set and it was approaching half past eleven, the energy levels were still at maximum, and ready for the final song. Another obvious one, but still able to rock the room, "Love Like Semtex," led by a funky guitar riff, and arguably the Infadels most famous song to date.

But all in all, mighty impressed. Far better than I could have ever imagined, if you can grab tickets to see either of the bands mentioned then they're well worth it. Entertainment to the maximum.

Review by Thom

 The Infadels

Bnann (vocals)
Matthew Gooderson (guitars)
Wag Marshall-Page (bass)
Richie Vernon (keys)
Alex Bruford (drums)

Mellay Human
C More Human
Dave Human
K Human
B E Human
J Human
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