Gig Review

Rolo Tomassi
Oathbreaker, Good Time Boys
Manchester, Deaf Institute

27th October 2012

Rolo Tomassi                       Oathbreaker         Good Time Boys

Rolo Tomassi's gig at The Deaf Institute was one of powerful screams and highly energetic performances especially from Goodtime Boys lead singer which absolutely blew me away with the passion he displayed, that might I say is quite rare for the first act on to do, so as it was the first time experiencing them I really did appreciate the performance, a slightly more Punk Hardcore version to the rest of the nights acts with their extremely meaningful songs, powerful and organic riffs that made a statement and left their mark on the small stage that I felt wasn't that big enough for them but that is completely irrelevant, the set was immense I hope I cross their path again.

Next band to the stage were Belgium screamers OathBreaker, who even before their set began had some difficulties which fell victim to some heckles, that we would later figure out was all thanks to their sound guy but never the less the band still gave everything to their gothic set that started off with a vicious scream that echoed through out the set that was covered in a red mist of fury that not only came from the singer (who resembled the girl from the ring) but from the awesomely melodic riffs that added the tone to the atmosphere the band created. Regardless of how bad the sound guy is the band still gave it there all unleashing hell from Belgium with distortion and feed back that will make any metal head cry, however there are major improvements the band needs to make to their live sets, one already mentioned but the other is crowd interaction which was lacking in a big way but as the band grow I'm sure that will to.

Last to hit the stage are 'New MathCore' hard rocking synth's, Rolo Tomassi, who brought the heat in a big way with a cinematic circus of pure twisted metal that the crowd absolutely adored which lead to the crowd forming mosh pits out of pure love for the band which was quite a site to see. The set was the most creative I've ever seen, with gothic silhouette dancing from one of the lead singers and lighting that proved that the band were worthy of a headlining spot on a tour.

Rolo Tomassi turned the indie surrounding of the Deaf Institute into a dark cave of hell, that left their minions of fans begging for more, which for a second felt like their cries were going unnoticed because the lights started to come on but in a show of love and dedication to their fans, Rolo Tomassi came back to play a golden oldie despite the fact their vocals were completely ruined by the heavy screaming they endured for a good hour.

The gig was like nothing i've ever seen before, I would absolutely love to see them live again and would recommend gig lovers to check them out!

Goodtime Boys 4/5
OathBreaker 2/5
Rolo Tomassi 5/5

Review By Ciro Guadagno

 Rolo Tomassi

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