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Redlight King, Exit Ten
Birmingham, Academy

28th October 2012

Shinedown                           Redlight King                      Exit Ten

Photo Of Exit Ten © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are Exit Ten, they are a local bad that have been slowly climbing the music ladder for a few years now. They are pretty much a hard rock band melodic on the most part, they have some really decent riffs, in their lengthy 4 song set, which while fairly decent out stay there welcome by being just too long by about a minute, the pace could do with a little kick in gear too, but the vocals are clean and good, and what you expect of a hard rock band, he can hold a note, the band have decent stage presence and a nice full sound. Overall it's not a bad start if a tad indifferent due to the lengthy songs; shorter punchier songs are needed to open a show like tonight.

Photo Of Redlight King © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up and main support are Redlight King, they are a 4 piece rock band from the US. A pretty good melodic rock band at that, not the heaviest of hard rock bands, more catchy than heavy but you know heavy enough. They open with Comeback and City life both really catchy songs, that I'm sure would have the crowd singing if they knew the words, but they still give the band a good cheer after each pause, they know a good band when they hear one. They continue on with Old man, maybe taking the pace down with that one and the vocalist ditches his guitar for this song but the bands full sound doesn't suffer, in fact it's barely noticeable. They close out their set with Something for pain, Underground and the superb set closer Bullet in my hand, they close out the set on a real high. Overall it’s a decent set from these guys, and I should think from the reaction they got from the crowd it might be a band you'll hear from a lot more.

Photo Of Shinedown © Copyright Robert LawrenceShinedown's show just gets more and more spectacular every time they come over here, tonight's show in particular I must say has to be my favourite Shinedown performance from all 4 of which I saw before this one. This time though they've had to adjust their set list to include their latest album "Amaryllis", their 14 song set in fact included 6 new tacks, 1 of which ("Diamond Eyes") not included on any of their albums to date, 5 from previous album "The Sound of Madness" and 3 from "Leave a Whisper". In all fairness I was disappointed with the list but at the same time I wasn't! Loved every single song but I like the majority of the bands back catalogue so no matter what they did I'd always be left craving more. Lead vocalist Brent Smith is the driving force in this Photo Of Shinwdown © Copyright Robert Lawrencerampage, wholesome values and very down to earth, taking a moment to get a round of happy birthday going for a girl in the crowd's birthday and giving speeches and inspirational talks as per usual to uplift the spirits of all of their fans and friends alike. Every time I attend a Shinedown show I leave with a clear mind and a healthy dose of loving life in a darkened world. Highlights though for me personally; Opening with "Sound of Madness", Closing with emotional song "Bully", the lovers song "If You Only Knew", the friend bonding song "I'll Follow You", scream vocals in "Devour", the soft renditions of "45", "Second Chance", "Simple Man" and "Crow and the Butterfly". A spectacular show from an absolutely spectacular band, I will always shed out however much money it costs to see these guys.

Exit Ten 3/5
Redlight King 3.5/5
Shinedown 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence And James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence


Brent Smith
Barry Kerch
Zach Myers
Eric Bass

 Redlight King


 Exit Ten

Ryan Redman
Joe Ward
Stuart Steele
James Steele
Chris Steele

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