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Mindless self Indulgence
Birmingham, Academy

27th October 2012

Mindless Self Indulgence             

Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James DalyTonight is a good night for me, I get to see a band that came on the scene back in 2000, a band that are unlike most in, sound, look and actions. A band that can alienate its audience’s but at the same time appreciates all they do for them, a band that in all respects is unique and one that I couldn’t wait to see live.

Now I will note that there were two support bands tonight, but I didn’t see either, I could tell you that it was because I was late getting to the venue, but it was because I didn’t want to see Taking Hayley. I have no problem with them on another night, but I think they really do not fit in with Mindless Self Indulgence’s style, they’re not similar at all, and why this may be great for some people I think it really spoils the atmosphere off tonight, as it mixes’ random electronic craziness, with some emo/rock and for me that’s not a good mix. So with that I’ll jump straight into the main band.

Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James DalyMindless Self Indulgence, take to the stage with drummer Kitty coming out on her own and starting a drum beat, then bassist Lindsey comes walking out slowly to huge cheers, then guitarist Steve Righ’ strolls onto the stage thrashing his guitar and finally Jimmy Urine, takes to the stage running to the front screaming “shut me up!” which is the name of the song the play first. It’s hard to watch, let alone take photographs, off MSI as each member does something different all at the same time; for instance at one point Jimmy is jumping across the stage, Steve is sat at the front and Lindsey is doing her infamous back bend (where she leans back and plays bass whilst in a n shape), I was rather disappointed I missed a chance of getting a photos of this but with so much happening, at once it’s understandable. Most bands when they perform will make your Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James Dalyeyes wander to the one person who is doing something different, but with MSI it’s like a contest between the members to see who can get the most attention, some may say this is counter constructive, but it makes for one hell of a show!

They follow Shut Me Up with Mastermind, Stupid MF and Animal all flowing great into one another, with just a brief pause in the middle whilst Jimmy asks the crowd who each member of the band is, showing how much fans love the band, as they all scream the names off each member without batting an eyelid. Towards the middle off Animal, we photographers, are asked to leave the pit, as our time is up, whilst doing so Steve is sat on the edge of the stage, and as photographers walk out he swings his foot Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James Dalyat the them, catching one or two on the way out, all with a grin on his face which to me suggests that he is having fun, as security can’t decide what song we are meant to leave on and are shuffling us out during a song instead of at the end which means the crowd can now see the band without anyone in the way so he plays up to this by jokingly mocking us as we trundle out. Once we’re all out and packing our things up, Steve walks out from the barriers after us and starts playing his guitar in the middle of us, with hardly anyone noticing, it’s a strange moment as all the rest of the audience is transfixed on stage whilst all the photographers are panicking to get our cameras unpacked so we can get a photo of him stud in the middle.

Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James DalyThe rest of the show continues with the normal antics off, standing on amps, jumping off the drums and not staying still for a second, whist in between songs Jimmy talks to the crowd, at one point he says “Spoiler alert, you are going to die, you all have two things in common you all love Mindless Self Indulgence and your all going to die”. He continues to talk in between songs like Issues, Cocaine and Toupees, Never Wanted To Dance, Bring The Pain and Capitol P, by saying things like “We are better than your parents, we are better than your teachers, we are even better than your best friend. As I will always tell you, that you are a Fucking ugly person. “ after this he plays a game off, Cosmetic Surgery or No Cosmetic Surgery, where he walks in front of the front row saying weather he thinks they need surgery or not. He also asks the crowd for clothing throughout the set, asking people for ties and make up so he can look pretty, to which plenty of lipstick gets thrown up on stage, then both Jimmy and Steve pick it up and start plastering it all over themselves. Jimmy tells the crowd Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James Daly“none of you will be famous, no matter what Lady Ga Ga says. You will only get your fifteen seconds of fame, on this stage” he then jumps into the crowd and grabs a guy to say a few words before they play Faggot, the guy doesn’t really say anything audible, but it’s funny never the less. They start to play Faggot, during which Steve sees someone dressed as a tiger and asks them to come on stage, and during playing the song both him and the tiger lie down on the floor, and swap glasses whilst messing about.

There are so many other things that they did tonight, as well as play some amazing songs, that it’s hard to fit them all in but here’s a list of a few others; Jimmy played the audience like Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James Dalyan instrument, splitting them in too and giving each a different word to shout, they recorded a message for London telling them how much they suck, they proclaimed they were a Christian band and got the crowd to join them in a prayer “dear god, we are the beautiful people in a room full of ugly assholes”, Jimmy got the crowd to chant “for a faggy guy, he’s pretty manly”, Jimmy stripped off his top and showed his ass to the crowd, and also throughout the show Jimmy told the crowd, how they all sucked and how they should go and give them money on kick-starter for their new album.

They ended their huge set off 21 songs with Straight To Video, which went into a version of Master Of Puppets as the band left the stage, just leaving Steve lying on the floor, thrashing at his guitar. After a few minutes he got up and decided that seeing as they had 15 minutes left he would get the audience to take part in Black Country’s Got Talent. He got a girl on stage who couldn’t do anything so she got kicked off, the 2nd girl tap danced whilst he routed through her purse, the 3rd girl who looked about 12, sang The River by Good Charlotte, which went down well, so he let her stay on stage and hang about with Jimmy behind the drums. Finally he had two topless blokes come on stage who did somersaults, they then went Photo Of Mindless Self Indulgence © Copyright James Dalyto climb the amps which meant security cut the show short and turned off the mic’s and lights whilst the two lads came down. After all this, the band came back out and came out into the crowd where they had photos taken and signed merch for fans on their way out.

All in all tonight is unlike any gig I’ve ever been too, MSI on stage, work their areses off to perform and play well and put on a great show. If you didn’t know what MSI where about, then I’m sure you’d not know how to take the gig, with the band shouting at the fans, telling them they suck and asking for new clothes, you might think they were up their own backsides and complete idiots, but it’s when you see the love they show for the fans coming out and thanking them personally and by playing a long set, it shows that they care and that they really appreciate the support shown for them. So next time MSI are in town, go and check them out (now you’ve read my review and know what to expect) and you will not be disappointed!

Mindless Self Indulgence 5/5

Review By James Daly

 Mindless Self Indulgence

Jimmy Urine
Steve, Righ
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