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As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Upon A Buring Body
Bristol, Academy
19th October 2012

Trivium                             As I Lay Dying                

Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright TriggerI headed down to Bristol Academy to catch Trivium on their yearly set of headline dates of the UK, due to the fact that Friday nights at the Academy are club nights and the curfew becomes stupidly early at 9.45pm the doors for tonight’s event were even stupidly early opening at 5.30pm to ensure that tonight’s powerhouse of 4 metalbands all got a fair amount of stage time.

Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright TriggerDue to other commitments in the day and stupidly early doors I turn up at the venue just after 7pm and straight away I noticed that opening bands Upon A Burning Body and Caliban have already performed and the crowd are patiently waiting for As I Lay Dying and within minutes the lights dim and As I Lay Dying take to the stage to the delight of the crowd who start moshing from the opening riff of ‘Condemned’, the stage for As I Lay Dying was set up like an headline band was playing with their own backdrops and equipment gracing the stage, in the centre of the stage was a raised platform stage so the giant that is Tim Lambesis could appear 10 foot tall whilst screaming his lungs out to a solid 40minute 10 track set.

Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright TriggerFor the duration of the set As I Lay Dying whip the crowd into a frenzy with mosh pits starting left right and centre and on the odd occasion crowd surfers would get hoisted up to challenge the front of house security who are really having to work for their money tonight, the As I Lay Dying set featured songs such as ‘A Greater Foundation’, ‘Nothing Left’, ‘Confined’, ‘Defender’ and the chunky closing track ‘Sound Of Truth’.

Photo Of Trivium © Copyright TriggerAs soon as As I Lay Dying left the stage there was a short break for the roadies to remove the As I Lay dying stage and bring on Trivium’s stage show which consisted of the Trivium T logo in various different sizes gracing the stage, whilst changing the stage show over the backdoor of the venue was open for a small amount of time bringing in a bit of fresh air to a venue packed to the rafters that was starting to feel like a sauna.

Photo Of Trivium © Copyright TriggerTrivium take to the stage moments later and waste no time opening with ‘In Waves’ which sparks an amazing reaction from the crowd with the lower level of the venue moshing like a battle field has just opened up whilst the people at the back seem to be half way to drunkenville taken on their own ten pint challenge whilst singing-a-long to such a strong opening track.

As the set progresses Matt Heafy takes time to thank the crowd for making Trivium so successful in the UK and for helping them achieve gold status which has only ever Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright Triggerhappened for them in the UK, Heafy also tells the crowd that they are filming a new video on their tour and that ‘Watch The World Burn’ is being filmed filmed tonight and this prompts the crowd to go even more mental which keeps the strong 5 front of house security team on their toes running back and forth picking crowd surfers out of the crowd.

The set that Trivium played through tonight was pretty much like a greatest hits, infact if Trivium ever release a greatest hits then I am sure it would like so similar to tonight’s set as they play through tracks from everyone of their albums but it was the likes of ‘Black’, ‘Pull Harder On The Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright TriggerStrings Of Your Martyr’, ’A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation’ and ‘Ember To Inferno’ which really went down a storm tonight.

Trivium closed tonight’s show with regular set closer ‘Throes To Perdition’ which’s kicks the mosh pit off for one last time before the fans have to quickly make their way out of the venue into the cold streets of Bristol before the doors reopen moments later for the Friday night club night, overall Trivium put on a blinding show tonight, they brought over their smallest ever stage show but where they lacked on special effects they truly made it up with their music and strong stage presence and I bet these fans are already counting down to the days to Triviums next visit to the UK.

As I Lay Dying 4/5
Trivium 5/5

Review By Trigger


Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieu
Paolo Gregoletto
Nick Augusto

 As I Lay Dying

Tim Lambesis
Jordan Mancino
Nick Hipa
Phil Sgrosso
Josh Gilbert


Marc Görtz
Denis Schmidt
Andy Dörner
Patrick Grün
Marco Schaller

 Upon A Burning Body


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