Gig Review

August Burns Red
The Devil Wears Prada, Veil Of Maya
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
20th October 2012

August Burns Red        The Devil Wears Prada        Veil Of Maya   

Veil of Maya were a last minute addition to this gig replacing Whitechapel who unfortunately had to pull out, much to my delight may I add as I’m quite the Veil of Maya fan. The performance and reception though plainly show that the fact they were only a last minute addition has taken its toll; the band themselves seem a bit less confidant than they usually would be and due to the crowd obviously only finding out it was these guys last minute their fans haven’t really been able to fully realise these guys are actually in town, that result shows not a disappointing but lesser reaction that I think these guys would usually pull. Nevertheless though they push on and try to really make the best of being over here by getting the best of their material heard in the short time they have, and for that you have to respect the lads and maybe next time they’ll pull a more intense audience.

The Devil Wears Prada ignite absolute chaos in this tiny room, the venue supervisors must regret not putting protective coverings on absolutely everything including the lighting which was all dripping wet from thrown beverages and kicked by a range of over enthusiastic crowd surfers, I’m extremely surprised that the chandeliers are still intact. Regardless of damage you can’t help but feed off the savage energy in the air even if you resisted hard, the members of this band especially front man Mike Hranica who exuded confidence and power since emerging onstage. Using a variety of spoken word samples to introduce songs and flow through interludes for most of the set their crowd interaction is extremely minimal to the point of a few spouts of “do it” every now and again which from what happened after each saying incited absolute madness so proof that interaction is not needed if you know what you’re doing. They only had a support slot so they didn’t really get much time to play their stuff and they balanced their 8 songs between their “Zombie” EP and their latest 2 albums; “Dead Throne” and “With Roots Above and Branches Below”, I must say I wasn’t expecting anything from them and I got something amazing.

August Burns Red took a different yet similar approach to TDWP, they used that aggressive metal style as you would expect but they tried to expel a little spice into it whilst they were at it by encouraging people to dance and do various other unorthodox metal show antics during the slower flamenco-esque styled parts which for the first half an hour or so is a big success and makes everyone smile but after that I personally find myself a bit bored of it and by the reactions of others in the crowd I would guess that they too are either too tired or relate to my state of mind. After a pretty big 14 song set though that would take its toll on anyone’s endurance but everyone seems to be dedicated right up to the end. Onstage too they keep the momentum running right up until the very end even though people seemingly people have left the venue right after TDWP finished up, having never really listened to them before I’d be inclined to check them out properly now but even though I was impressed with them I felt like after a while I was just feeling that I was reliving some of the same moments throughout the gig again and again, this is why this review isn’t as glowing as TDWP as they have completely stolen this show.

Veil of Maya 3.5/5
The Devil Wears Prada 4/5
August Burns Red 3.5/5

Review By James Webb

 August Burns Red

Matthew Greiner
JB Brubaker
Brent Rambler
Jacob Luhrs
Dustin Davidson

 The Devil Wears Prada

Mike Hranica
Chris Rubey
Jeremy DePoyster
Daniel Williams
Andy Trick

 Veil Of Maya

Brandon Butler
Marc Okubo
Sam Applebaum
Dan Hauser

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