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As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Upon A Buring Body
Birmingham, Institute
17th October 2012

Trivium                      As I Lay Dying                 Caliban                  Upon A Burning Body

Photo Of Up A Burning Body © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst band up tonight in this rather early start is Upon a Burning Body; they are one hell of a heavy band, well an extreme metal band so I'm told. The vocals as expected is all shouted growls with very few clean vocals, but for an opening band, they are very lively and playing like a headliner, buckets of ferocious energy from the band getting the crowd nicely riled up, the sound varies from noisy and messy to heavy and violent and even catchy, normally I wouldn't dig this but the pure amount of effort from these guys is fantastic to watch.

Photo Of Caliban © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up are Caliban, they are a 5 piece metal core band from Germany. After a rather indifferent start with Dein R3.ich and We Are the Many, while high in energy and really heavy, but the set really clicked for me on song 3 which was I Will Never Let You Down, catchy and tons of energy coming from the band while the song remains heavy which was a bonus, the set just got better from there with Davy Jones , 24 years and the storming Memorial, just so very catchy with a well timed heavy break down and they closed the set in fine style with Forsaken Horizon. As I Lay Dying and Trivium have got some tough acts to follow after great sets from the opening two bands.

Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain support tonight are As I Lay Dying, considered to be a pretty decent live band, tonight's performance is absolutely fantastic better than the last time I saw them, a band that is just in the zone start to finish, a set full of blistering songs like Condemned, 96 hours, through struggle, Nothing Left, there is simply no let up from these guys, fast past and heavy as hell but has the catchy factor too with some rather tasty guitar riffs. Can't understand what Tim is shouting half the time but that doesn’t matter much as its half drowned by the heavy music it goes with. They finish off their set with A Greater Foundation and a blistering rendition of The Sound of Truth to round off a superb, on the money set.

Photo Of Trivium © Copyright Robert LawrenceTrivium grace our shores yearly as it appears they cannot get enough of our British charm! This time over however their stage setup is a bit less eccentric than all of the 8 previous times I’ve seen their show as all they’ve brought along with them this time is a platform for the kit and 4 huge “T” symbols which are synonymous with this band. They burst on stage with energy and a visible excitement speeding up certain longer duration songs as to fit more songs into their set which allows them to squeeze a tremendous 16 songs out including an even split between “Ascendancy”, “Shogun” and “In Waves” throwing in 1 from both “The Crusade” and “Ember To Inferno”. I think in the course of things that Corey Beaulieu just gets better with each performance both oPhoto Of Trivium © Copyright Robert Lawrencen guitar and especially with his vocals where as Matt Heafy hasn’t so much diminished but he just isn’t matching the passion that he used to have as a frontman all those years ago. Highlights from the show for me personally were the powerful opening of “In Waves”, “Dying In Your Arms”, the unexpected addition of “Entrance of the Conflagration”, “The Deceived” and “A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation”, the others that I normally enjoy like “Like Light to the Flies”, “Rain” and “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr” were all subjected to what seemed like shoddy vocal work due to them speeding the songs up, I’d rather the best songs have the quality not speed even if it means sacrificing a couple tracks, hopefully they take this into consideration next time around and don’t try and squeeze another full album into that set as it’ll be like taping down the fast forward button for every track.

Upon A Buring Body 3.5/5
Caliban 4/5
As I Lay Dying 4.5/5
Trivium 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence And James Webb
Photos By Robert Lawrence


Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieu
Paolo Gregoletto
Nick Augusto

 As I Lay Dying

Tim Lambesis
Jordan Mancino
Nick Hipa
Phil Sgrosso
Josh Gilbert


Marc Görtz
Denis Schmidt
Andy Dörner
Patrick Grün
Marco Schaller

 Upon A Burning Body


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