Gig Review

Young Guns
We Are The In Crowd, Your Demise, Marmozets
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall

12th October 2012

Young Guns                 We Are The In Crowd     Your Demise    Marmozets

Photo Of Your Demise © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are Marmozets, I don't particularly like being horrible about bands but what a big bag of shit, just completely tuneless on the most part, a part from a few melodic parts here and there, but on the most part it sounds like random noise with everyone sounding like playing whatever they feel like, I'm pretty sure if you threw their instruments into a washing machine it would sound a damn sight better than what's on offer. The crowd look bored to tears like they would rather be somewhere else anywhere in fact would do. As I can't go into negative figures for a score I'm gonna have to go with a not applicable.

Photo Of Your Demise © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell it can only get better from now on as Your Demise take to the stage, hardcore sounding band more so than the drivel before and they play actual songs with structure, it’s pretty heavy stuff, and gets a bit noisy at times like there's too much going on, but they are entertaining most of the time, even getting the crowd to sit down and they are more entertained this time by this lively band. The music has its catchy moments while remaining rather heavy, very bass driven at times too can really feel the rumble under it all. Overall not too bad, not my favourite of genres or a band I particularly like, but listenable and I can even understand the lyrics on the most part.

Photo Of We Are The In Crowd © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain support and taking things a turn for the more poppy tuneful and catchy are We Are The In Crowd, a pop/rock band, that all the songs are pretty catchy nicely sang and get the crowd going with their happy energetic sound. It's rather commercial stuff aimed squarely at the scene kids, I have nothing against this music or band but it really lacks substance to me, a throw away sound that hundreds of bands try to emulate with some being largely more successful than many others, I guess every label is looking for the next Paramore, and a few hits will get this band there them upwards. Overall they are a good band that can play and write really well, but there's nothing here that's gonna make me really want to listen more closely, it's just too polished and not enough far reaching for my liking, but they put on a real good live show and hey the kids love them and they are having a blast, a real good warm up for young guns.

Photo Of Young Guns © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeadlining tonight are the UK's possible next big thing and a band on the rise for sure, playing to pretty much a full house are Young Guns.

They open with dearly departed a very lively opener and a great way to start the set they bounce on with weight of the world and crystal clear, this opening trio makes the crowd the liveliest It's been all evening even more so than when WATIC were on. They take things down a notch with You are not, it even had people breaking out the lighters and torches on cameras before taking it way up with a great high energy song to get the crowd going again with brothers in arms then taking things down again but only a little with stitches, a really good bouncy drum beat driven song.

Photo Of Young Guns © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey carry on their high energy set with the likes of there will be rain, DOA, learn my lesson, Towers and slightly emotional Broad fields which closed out the main set.

After a very short break and with time running out on the night they went right into Winter Kiss and then there most popular and most catchy song Bones to round off a very excellent performance.

Marmozets 0/5
Your Demise 3/5
We Are The In Crowd 4/5
Young Guns 4.5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Young Guns

Gustav Wood
John Taylor
Fraser Taylor
Simon Mitchell
Ben Jolliffe

 We Are The In Crowd

Taylor Jardine
Jordan Eckes
Mike Ferri
Rob Chianelli
Cameron Hurley

 Your Demise

Ed McRae
Stu Paice
Ozzy 'Danny Panic Lips' Porkchop
Jimmy Sampson
James Tailby



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