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Lower Than Atlantis
Dangerous Summer, Don Broco
Bristol, Trinity

3rd October 2012

Lower Than Atlantis           Dangerous Summer          Don Broco

Photo Of Don Broco © Copyright Marc RichTonight's show was to take place in Bristol Trinity in collaboration with The Fleece. This being the first gig I've seen at this venue as well as the first one I've seen in a church. Standing somewhere in between The Croft and Bristol O2 in terms of size and only a short walk from Cabot Circus it was well suited for Lower Than Atlantis's headline tour.

Unfortunately like many people I missed Gnarwolves with the queue leading out of the door and off of the grounds many people weren't admitted till a few minutes before Don Broco took to the stage.

Photo Of Don Broco © Copyright Marc RichDon Broco opened up with the title track off their new album "Priorities" with the band quickly pulling out "The Walk" which anyone who's lucky enough to have seen them before will recognise instantly. Barely two lines into the song their infectious energy spread to the crowd with people bouncing around and singing along. Following up with "Fancy Dress" with its driving bass riff coming from Tom Doyle. Rob Damiani didn't waste any time flexing his control over the crowd, getting them to split for a wall off death, a feat he repeated a few songs later. The lights remained pretty plane but with the energy on stage with everyone bouncing around and grinning constantly your never short of entertainment. "Hold On" and "Whole Truth" saw the same fired up reception from the Photo Of Don Broco © Copyright Marc Richcrowd as well as some faultless harmonies. The simple statement of "I want everyone to get as high as possible" from Rob during the chorus got half of the crowd lifting people on to their shoulders. Don Broco always put on a great show with a nearly CD quality sound, inside or out, with the only issue tonight being a slight pithiness as a result of the acoustics. I've never known what to class Don Broco as musically, with their bassy up beat fun songs, but way to rocky to be pop or punk. That being said their energetic humorous shows are quite unique as well, with so much to enjoy without damaging the quality of the music as well. Tom plays some of my favourite bass riffs, while bouncing around with a grin like a chasseur cat, Matt Donnelly’s drums adding so Photo Of The Dangerous Summer © Copyright Marc Richmuch to such a strong rhythm section and Simon Delaney’s guitar tying the whole thing together perfectly. And If that wasn't enough you've got Rob for a front man, getting the crowd to do whatever he asks, while jumping about as much if not more than the crowd. For the first time he managed to stay on stage, after climbing the barrier into the crowd at NASS and Reading. A cracking set was drawn to a close with "Actors" the final track off their debut album. Featuring some great backing vocals from Matt, and tied together well by guitarist Simon. Don Broco have the same ability as Less Than Jake and Biffy Clyro to put on a great show time and time again, converting people who haven't heard of them or weren't to bothered into the most diehard of fans.

Photo Of The Dangerous Summer © Copyright Marc RichAfter the explosive set from Don Broco it was the turn of Maryland alternative rockers The Dangerous Summer to take to the stage. They opened up with "Work In Progress" soon followed by "Where I want to be" with its beautiful intro played solely by guitarist Bryan Czap. Their much slower pasted darker brand of music giving the crowd a chance to rest. Sadly other than a few swaying hands in the air The Dangerous Summer got little out of the crowd, with not to many people singing back. Something about the lyrics and AJ Perdomo's voice made me think of Kenny from The Starting Line but with a rougher, grittier edge. They played through "War Paint", "Northern Lights" before ending on "Never Feel Alone" with the only complaint about the sound being the volume of AJ's mic being fractionally low. The set was pretty good but after such and energetic and upbeat performance from Don Broco I felt like they were out of place and underwhelming. The line up and Rob's commanding nature with the crowd detracted from what was musically a very good performance.

Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Marc RichLower Than Atlantis have played a number of festivals this year including Slam Dunk, NASS, Heavy, and Reading. I've seen them at all four so clearly they've been doing something right at their live shows. Before they'd even taken the stage the room was filled with people cheering "L.T.A". Jumping right in with "Love Someone Else" the second single off the new album "Changing Tune". With the darker bulkier sound of The Dangerous Summer with some of Don Broco's energy. Mike Duce took no time in addressing the crowd, with one of my favourite intro's of all time "this next song will make you want to punch a dolphin in the blow hole" before "Motor (Way Of Life)" the hard hitting opener for their debut album "World Record". Mid way though "Beech Like The Tree" this resembled their reading shows with people hands in Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Marc Richthe air singing at the top of their lungs and some starting to crowd surf before disappearing at the edge of the stage, something that continued throughout the set. During the bridge Mike tried The Blackout's trick of getting everyone to sit down and jump up when the song kicks back in, whilst it didn't work quite as well the crowd were clearly eating out of the palm of their hands. They played though a few more tracks from "Changing Tune" including "If The World Has To End" and "Go On Strike" with enough crowd participation that mike could let the crowd take a few lines, an impressive feat given the album was realised only two days before. The intro of "High At Five" was pouring out of everyone's mouths before the end of the first note, several too early in face. How many bands have to start a song again because their fans jump the gun on singing? It's can't be many. "Marilyn's Mansion" was welcomed with the Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Marc Richfirst circle pit of the night. With a few lights in the background changing colour, everyone jumping round on and off stage to the thunderous guitar of Ben Sansom. My first indoor experience with Lower Than Atlantis was only slightly weakened by the volume of Mike's singing which in spite of his strong voice sometimes struggled to fight over the crowd, and the barrage of noise from the amps. This problem was inherited from The Dangerous Summer, quite possible to counter some of the issues Don Broco suffered with Rob's voice bouncing off the walls of the venue. Strobes and smoke was latter added to enhance the entertainment on stage, though with no one standing still it seemed more of a formality as a headliner. "P.M.A" and "Far Q" followed before the customary technical issues that come hand in hand with LTA's shows. The show got right back on track as if it hadn't happened with "Scared of the Dark" Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Marc Richand "Normally Strange". After cries for more Mike returned to the stage for the encore, cracking out another jokey intro before performing the heart moving "Another Sad Song". Once again the views of those near the back was blocked by a mass of people being lifted into the air, and everyone singing their heart out thinking about their own experiences, as the rest of the band take the stage for the last part of the song. As always finishing the show off as strong as they started, with "Deadliest Catch" and one last chance for the crowd to jump around like a bunch of lunatics. Whilst sadly they didn't perform their outstanding Foo Fighter's meddle Lower Than Atlantis have as always managed to draw out all the energy and emotion the crowd could muster. With even more humour from front man Mike Duce, they're performance seems to have developed and improved even since NASS festival a few months prior. Armed with a new set of tracks, and a crowd as dedicated as any, I wouldn't be shocked if they're headlining Bristol O2 by this time next year.

Don Broco 4/5
Dangerous Summer 3/5
Lower Than Atlantis 4/5

Review By Marc Rich

 Lower Than Atlantis

Mike Duce
Ben Sansom
Eddy Thrower
Dec Hart

 The Dangerous Summer

AJ Perdomo
Cody Payne
Bryan Czap
Tyler Minsberg

 Don Broco

Rob Damiani
Matt Donnelly
Simon Delaney
Tom Doyle

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