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The Maine
This Century
Birmingham, Academy 2

20th September 2012

The Maine                This Century

Photo Of The Maine © Copyright James DalyTonight is quite a nice night in Birmingham, the summer is fading but we still have one more night off warm weather which The Maine may have brought with them all the way from sunny Arizona. As well as the weather The Maine have brought country rock sounds and a support band also from Arizona, the first and only support band
This Century, are a four piece and a band, that to be honest with you, I have never heard off, and yet they are the only support band and so get a set off about an hour which is crazy when there are so many great bands out there who only get 15 minutes to promote themselves. The crowd don’t seem to have heard too much of them either, but as tonight The Maine are playing the crowd is full off young girls who will scream for anything, so they feel right at home as they bounce into their set of alt rock songs, which are fun and catchy but nothing new. The crowd take to them and by the end of the set they are singing along and having fun, but it’s not too hard to impress this crowd on the whole. Singer Joel Krantz decides to jump into the near to the end of the set after announcing “this is the best night of the tour so far”, he comes out a little worse for ware and the band leave the stage with a smile on their face. To be fair they did well, but there is just something lacking that would make them a great band instead of an average one.

Photo Of The Maine © Copyright James DalyThe Maine are up next up, last time this 5 piece was here in Birmingham singer John O forgot the lines to songs and put on a bit of a lacklustre performance. Tonight though they are over this and the year off none stop touring has prepared them for their headline tour of the UK. They come out and play Identify, My Heroine and Listen To Your Heart to a wall of noise from the crowd, they constantly scream for the first 3 songs making heard to hear a word that John O sings. They sound pretty well once the screaming dyes down and you can hear the words coming from the stage instead of the audience singing them. They put on a good show but this alt rock/indie/country band just seem to relaxed, it’s pretty simple for them, just turn up get on stage and jobs done. The crowd will love them no matter what they do or say and it’s a shame, because they do sound good and have allot of passion behind the songs but when you’re constantly belted with screams from girls every night it’s easy to lose your edge, which is what I think has happened with their last album, but I hope they continue to play great songs and keep working hard at what they do and hopefully make some more songs that are as good as their older records.

Photo Of The Maine © Copyright James DalyThere set is pretty good but mainly consists of songs from their latest album Pioneer, but they put on a good show and during Into Your Arms Joel Krantz comes on stage and joins The Maine in a belting performance, which calms the room down, amazingly the screams stop and people listen to what is being sung. Unfortunately this doesn’t last and after Joel leaves the stage the screams start again as the band play Misery, When I’m At Home and Inside Of You. They close their set with songs like Jenny and Hello World before playing the last song, the catchy Don’t Give Up On Us.

The crowd all seem like they’ve had fun but even though they performed better than last time, they just didn’t hit that explosive show that I’m sure they’re capable off. Let’s just hope they continue to get better and their next record is a corker, as they are capable of great things, it just seems there taking there time to get their.

This Century 2.5/5
The Maine 3.5/5

Review By James Daly

 The Maine

John O'Callaghan
Garrett Nickelsen
Pat Kirch
Kennedy Brock
Jared Monaco

 This Century

Joel Kanitz
Sean Silverman
Alex Silverman
Ryan Gose

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