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Motion City Soundtrack
Now Now, Page 44
Birmingham, Academy 2

23rd September 2012

Motion City Soundtrack           Now Now           Page 44

Photo Of Page 44 © Copyright James DalyIt's a cold wet Sunday in Birmingham and its clear winter is upon us, tonight though Motion City Soundtrack are in town and are ready to warm the not so long line of waiting people with their own brand of keyboard rock. The room starts to fill slowly and as people are still arriving…

Page 44 take to the stage and rock out their last single Watch Me Fade. This local band has been going a while now and has built up quite a bit of support on their tours of the country, but there doesn't seem to be too many of their hard-core following here tonight. The crowd, however, take to them well and are cheering and clapping along throughout the set, I think this is because Page 44 take influence from the headliners with their catchy songs and upbeat melodies. They play a nice set including a few songs that will be on their forthcoming album, which is currently being made with pledge music. They sound good, with the vocal harmonies coming together well, they leave their stage looking pleased with themselves and they can be happy in the knowledge that they’ve entertained the audience.

Photo Of Nowe Now © Copyright James DalyNow Now are up next, and this 3 piece from Minneapolis change the mood of the room completely. They play very mellow chilled out beats with lush vocals and fast strums which give a very indie turn to the night. I’m not quite sure how they’re on the bill as they really are not like Motion City Soundtrack, its either same record label or the band loves them but unfortunately it doesn’t work, especially when the crowd are here to jump around and have fun. The room has filled whilst they play and people are wondering whether they’re in the right place. I am glad they were on the bill though as I really enjoyed them, they play a short set filled with plenty of emotion and passion, with the odd bit off keys and mac samples thrown in for good measure. If they’re in town again, and you want to relax and take it easy whilst watching a band, then Now Now are one to watch.

Motion City Soundtrack have never been a band to relax to whilst watching but tonight they give the audience the best chance. They come out on to the stage and get ready and start off strong with Better Open The Door and Broken Heart but it quickly slows down as the band seem a little lacklustre. They play allot, off songs off their new album Go which is quite disappointing as it didn’t hit me the way the last few albums did, but the crowd are allot younger than me and are all taken by it, but as I’ve seen them allot of times over the years I was disappointed with the set list and lack of energy that they had in their show.

Photo Of Motion City Soundtrack © Copyright James DalyThey do through in a few of their older songs, but again they’re not the ones I know and love, and considering this is a band that played all 4 off their previous albums in two nights a few months back, you’d think they’d be happy playing older, more loved songs. Other than this they did sound great, the levels where good, the guitar was clean the bass was bouncy and the drums popped, it’s just a shame that the keyboards couldn’t be heard, from a band that relies heavily on their eclectic collection of noises as well as pop punk rhythms it makes no sense to have the keyboards dulled. The keyboarist himself ‘Jesse Johnson’ was the one with the most energy but wasn’t his normal exuberant self, he wasn’t swinging jumping around and bouncing about, he didn’t even do his handstand on his keyboards.

Singer Justin Peirre did entertain the crowd by telling them a story about the underpass and Chinese round about, and how he gets scared because it reminded him of Harry potter 5 with the Dementors. He told everyone, so he won't be embarrassed anymore. Which gets him allot off aww’s from the girls. They continue their set, with songs such as My Favourite Accident, This Is For Real and True Romance followed up by ending on Photo Of  Motion City Soundtrack © Copyright James DalyEverything Is Alright. Which really improves the atmosphere and puts a smile on my face, but it’s almost too little too late, with an unplanned encore off The Future Freaks Me Out and Lets Get Fucked Up And Die, the set finishes on a high and the crowd leave looking impressed.

Motion City Soundtrack where not their normal selves tonight, with a lacklustre set list and lack off usual energy, they still do it better than most bands. Keeping the crowd happy and being grateful for the support, they are one off the best bands around but hopefully when they next come back, they will be back to their old ways.

Page 44 3/5
Now Now 2.5/5
Motion City Soundtrack 3.5/5

Review By James Daly

 Motion City Soundtrack

Josh Cain
Jesse Johnson
Justin Pierre
Matt Taylor
Tony Thaxton

 Now Now

Brad Hale
Cacie Dalager
Jess Abbott

 Page 44

Adam Vygus
Adam Stanford
Zach Phelps
Jay Brown

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