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The Menzingers
The Front Bottoms
Birmingham, Hare And Hound

19th September 2012

The Menzingers               The Front Bottoms          

Well, I have to be honest I was quite looking forward to tonight’s gig, shooting and reviewing it but I’m never to keen to visit the Hare and Hounds on the opposite side of the city to myself. It’s a nice enough venue, but as it is based in a pub it just always feels more relaxed and when it’s a band like the Menzingers, with their punk styling’s, I get quite worried that it won’t be as good as other venues, but tonight I was wrong.

The room is quite busy, which helps add to the atmosphere, as last time I was here there was only about 20 people. With the room heating up and people getting drinks in its time for the first band

The Front Bottoms, with an obviously funny name take to the stage and instantly get a reaction from the crowd playing their unique brand of punk/ska/indie which goes down a treat. They’re upbeat songs and fun styling’s make for a great show. They’re full off energy and make an effort to get the crowd involved and keep the room moving throughout their nicely sized set which includes songs such as; The Beers, Legit Tattoo Gun and Swimming pool. I’d strongly recommend catching them when they next tour, as they’re fun and keeping the pop punk movement going into a new direction.

The Menzingers are the main act tonight and this 4 piece from Philadelphia are a band I’ve wanted to see ever since I was recommended them by The Wonder Years singer Soupy on his twitter. They‘re punky yet indie at the same time, which makes for a good mix of slow and fast, their album On The Impossible past is a stand out album and so I’m glad they play just as well live as they do on the album, with most off the songs from the album being play too.

They pack a punch with the raw energy they bring to the stage, starting off with The Obituaries, Home Grown and Irish Goodbyes which gets the crowd going crazy, jumping around, moshing and dancing like idiots. There’s definitely an atmosphere here tonight and that’s fun, and it’s all thanks to the Menzingers and their upbeat attitude and great stage presence, which keeps the crowd entertained throughout their 18 song set which includes a few songs from their older albums too, that end the set with, I Was Born, Richard Coury finally ending in A Lesson In The Abuse of Information Technology, which ends the night on a massive high.

I was very impressed with The Menzingers and look forward to them touring the UK again, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, as their due some more recognition on our shores.

The Front Bottoms 4/5
The Menzingers 4.5/5

Review By James Daly

 The Menzingers

Tom May
Joe Godino
Eric Keen
Greg Barnett

 The Front Bottoms

Brian Sella
Matt Uychich

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