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Heavens Basement, Zico Chain
Birmingham, Academy 2

21st September 2012

Halestorm                   Heavens Basement      Zico Chain            

Photo Of Zico Chain © Copyright Robert LawrenceIt's starting to get dark early now, and with reports that there will be no autumn just cold winter nights, it’s good to know that I can warm up inside the academy 2 with some heavy rock!

As normal it seems people are arriving fashionably late so most will miss the first act

Zico Chain, this 3 piece from London don't half make some noise for such a small group, with heavy hitting drums, wailing guitars and monstrous vocals! They're forced to play at the front of the stage due to the main acts equipment but this helps them get over to the crowd as there right in their faces. They sound to me a bit like breed 77 but without the acoustic guitars with some tool melodies thrown in for good measure. They play a quite a short set-list but with long songs and go down a treat! They get the audience joining in towards the end which is always good for an opening act.

Photo Of Heavens Basement © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeavens Basement are up next this 4 Piece are allot heavier than Zico Chain, straight from the go they pounce straight into the first song with not a word spoken, then shake the room with the heavy pounding bass, the sound is not the best though, which leaves vocalist Aaron Buchanan trying his hardest to get up to par with the rest of the band. They're very rock and roll with the classic stadium hi hat noises and guitar solos, in most songs it's just a shame it's not coming over due to the sound issues. They do have allot of energy and Aaron prances about the stage like a cat ready for his supper, he also looks allot like Justin Hawkins from the darkness in his attire and stage antics which is always fun. They play newest single Fire Fire and thank the crowd for their amazing support recently as they’ve been making the latest album which will be out early next year. The sound problems clear up by the end of their set as the pace of song speeds up leaving the closing song Executioners Day sounding great. It’s a shame they only sounded good near the end as it seemed like the crowd where finally getting into them.

Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robert LawrenceHalestorm are the main act tonight, and the room is full to the brim to see this female fronted 4 Piece from Pennsylvania. Halestorm have been going for a number of years now and have always had a dedicated following and tonight's crowd prove that, with everyone singing along even though it is a heavy rock gig, with allot of tough guys standing around in leathers (even though the room is so hot, it's like standing in a steam room). I think it's the power of singer Lizzy Hale that gets these rockers going, she's enchanting and bewitching whilst at the same time strong and commanding, as she has the audience in the palm of her hand as she blasts out heavy riffs on her guitar.

They open with their hit song, Love Bites (So Do I) and continue with songs such as Its Not You and Freaks Like Me. They sound awesome with great levels; meaning the vocals are crisp, the bass is raw, the guitars shred and the drums hit hard. They play through a nice sized set with not allot of interaction for the most part but who needs it when the crowd is having this much fun! They do slow it down in the middle and play Familiar Taste of Posion from their self-titled debut album, which leaves just Lizzie on the stage playing piano on her own. She thanks the crowd for supporting live music and Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robert Lawrencethanks for the huge support and for helping to sell out the show, she seems nervous and admits that she's shaking from the adrenalin.

Halestorm do really well, even if they have some cheesey lyrics and let drummer Arejay do a ten minute drum solo, at least it’s entertaining and something you don’t see at every gig. I’d recommend seeing them, only next time they’ll be playing bigger venues so the atmosphere won’t be as crazy as it was tonight but I’m sure you’ll still have fun.

Zico Chain 3.5/5
Heavens Basement 3/5
Halestorm 4/5

Review By James Daly
Photos By Robert Lawrence


Lzzy Hale
Josh Storm
Joe Storm

 Heavens Basement

Aaron Buchanan
Sid Glover
Rob Ellershaw
Chris Rivers

 Zico Chain

Chris Glithero
Paul Frost
Ollie Middleton
Tommy Gentry

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