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Motionless in White
With One Last Breath, Buried In Verona
Birmingham, The Asylum

15th September 2012

Motionless In White             With One Last Breath        Buried In Verona               

Photo Of Buried In Verona © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst band up tonight and playing in front of a young crowd are Buried in Verona, I'd say they are a really toned down version of bring me the horizon, with 6 band members crowding the wide but thin stage. The vocals are a screamed/growled combo, but hey at least you can understand the lyrics, the music certainly isn't ground breaking by any means I'd say average or middle of the road for this genre, they have a few decent moments where it's heavy and catchy, but other than that there’s not much in the way of originality, but the kids are into them. They are not the most exciting band to watch either; I think the lively member is the drumming which says a lot really the drummer is the most exciting to watch. Average metal core band

Photo Of With One Last Breath © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up and main support of this rather short night, are with one last breath, another metal core band, it's not hardcore that's for sure, they are a much more lively band to watch, and most of the members have a smile on their face, which is nice to see after the first band. The music for this band is quite catchy at times, but it's not mould breaking, but it's listenable, there seems to be a spate of middle of the road bands about. The vocalist vocals are ok but he doesn't seem to do that much singing, and is well covered by the other members of the band singing too. Overall above average but not by much

Photo Of Motionless In White © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeadlining the asylum venue in Birmingham tonight are a possible next big thing so I read, Motionless in White, the third and best metal core band with Marilyn Manson/ black veil brides aesthetic about them, they look rather dapper.

Their music is pretty good, catchy most of the time and pretty heavy in places, by the vocalist has a bit of a sore throat so the vocals aren't all that they could be, he should see a vocal coach and get that vocal cord strength up, or it may just be a one off.

Photo Of Motionless In White © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe crowd on the most part is going mental in the small venue, driving the temperature up in the room making it a rather sweaty affair, but it doesn't seem to effect the band of slow them down, they look well pleased to be playing yet another sold out gig on this tour of theirs, and it shows with a high energy performance, I'd hate to be cleaning them clothes after each show. With them playing songs like Abigail, Creatures and Immaculate Misconception it’s hard for them to fail, along with some great crowd participation, I can only imagine what it’s like on larger scale.

This type of music isn't normally my bag but it isn’t all that bad. The next big thing so I'm told, if this performance is anything to go by, I'd say they are defiantly on the right road, they have all the right elements, the music, the performance and the right aesthetical look about them, hopefully it'll all come good for them and see a fair few years ahead of them playing in bigger venues

Buried In Verona 3/5
With One Last Breath 3.5/5
Motionless In White 4.5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Motionless In White

Chris Motionless
Ricky Horror

 With One Last Breath

Spencer Costello
Sam Graves
Joe Graves
Chris Bowling
Joe Lancaster

 Buried In Verona

Brett Anderson
Richie Newman
Sean Gynn
Nate Martin
Daniel Gynn
Shane O'Brien

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