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Rival Sons
Ulysses, Pint Size Hero
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall

29th September 2012

Rival Sons                   Ulysses        Pint Size Hero                   

Photo Of Pint Size Hero © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up tonight are Pint Size Hero, they are a 3 piece heavy rock band, and I have to say they are pretty much no nonsense at that, guitar bass and drums, they are pretty damn decent because of it, a lot of bands try to do too much these guys are straight up, and for some reason I get a mid 90s feel about them! The sound is nice and thick but simple with some great drumming and really solid but not boring guitar riffs as they are stellar to behold. This is a properly decent way to start the night and setting a decent stands for the night.

Photo Of Ulysses © Copyright Robert LawrenceUlysses are up next tonight, they are a indie Rock band, while having a lively sound that is defiantly indie it all feels a bit flat and dated they certainly look rather 70s, they seem to be hipsters it's a harsh term but I'm not really feeling this band on paper it should be awesome and what I'm into but I just can't get into them, they may be one of them bands that takes a few listens before you can get into them. They are not the most exciting band in the world and sound dry kind of a toned down kings of Leon but I feel they have them calibre songs in them if they went for it a bit more saying that they have a few lively numbers in their set but not enough to sustain my interest. They just need a bit more umph in the creativity stakes and they are a notch down from the previous band.

Photo Of Rival Sons © Copyright Robert LawrenceRival Sons are a 4 piece bluesy rock band from the US and they are playing to a moderately sized crowd tonight at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall. This would be the first time I've ever really listened to the band, they sounded like a mix of Led Zeppelin and Lenny Kravitz at times but they have a definite 70s sound with a over driven guitar with a modern twist to it all. The front man Scott certainly thinks he's Robert plant in signing style and actions! They really have some great songs in their arsenal none of which I can name but they are a band that can write really decent rock songs, it feels like the UK has played blues rock back to the Americans and they have played it back to us being more flashy about it with some decent guitar playing with really catchy riffs and solid drumming creating a solid wall of sound with that lead guitar riding over the top of it all, like it really should be done!! There also seems to be a localised time shift in the crowd in which the 70s has come to 2012 there is plenty of folk in that 70s type clothing, I almost fit in, this is definitely my bag, I just hope they have their albums out on vinyl,. These guys are a proper rock band in which I can highly recommend to you all.

Pint Size Hero 3.5/5
Ulysses 2.5/5
Rival Sons 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Rival Sons

Jay Buchanan
Scott Holiday
Robin Everhart
Michael Miley


Luke Smyth
Julyan Wells-Cathedral
Tom Sartoryal
Shane Maxymus

 Pint Size Hero

Chris Howley
Carl Bartlett
Jamie Whitburn

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