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Oceano, Vanna, For All Those Sleeping
Manchester, Sound Control

12th September 2012

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On Wednesday the 12th of September, when families are having their dinner and unwinding after work, Sound Control in Manchester was getting ready to get ripped apart by four Hard-core American Rock bands led by IWRESTLEDABEARONCE on their world tour.

The first band to kick off the gig was Minnesota band 'For All Those Sleeping'(FATS), who were more like a spare wheel to the night, With several Circle pit cries falling on deaf ears, the only people who seemed into music were the band themselves, the crowds heads were nodding but if they were anything like me then it would be because there were nodding off. Although the band wasn't responded to very well, nothing can take away from how well the band played. From the old fashioned American intro to the last scream, nothing but charisma and energy was on show; a great live set that I would love to see on a Manchester Apollo sized stage.

Just as the crowed recuperate from the 2nd take to the stage, with no intro the band jump straight into their set with lead screamer Davey Muise making bass camp in the front of the stage where the band and crowd united in a very special connection, after a speech from Davey talking about how the band felt that the last few times they played in the UK, they were just playing to the crowd and getting no response back; this time was a different story because the small venue was filled of mosh pits galore, the place had turned into an absolute metal riot scene, ending the set with the singer and guitarist on a table in the crowd and an amp stack on stage, overlooking the carnage they've caused! After reviewing such a response from a crowd that once payed little attention to them, the band and crowd joined each other in an emotional group hug on stage, something I've never seen before at a live gig, showing just how much music means to them, which is an amazing experience and in my opinion should have been the headliners on the tour as they stole the show.

The next band Joining the carnage were metal heavyweights Oceano, who absolutely took over the stage like a pack of angry pit bull's, who had the crowd eating out of the palm their hand. The set was more like a boxing match with every song beating the snot out of the crowd, after previously playing in Manchester 2/3 years its clear that from the response the band got from previous gigs that they earned a spot in the hearts of fans in Manchester.

So the 4th and final band to take to the stage and get ready to tear down what's left of the stage, are a band who's name claims that they have wrestled a bear once, yes I'm talking about the LA band

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE (IWABO), who's set although very humorous, was like watching them wrestling a bear and if lead screamer-stress violent vocals were anything to go by then the bear would be stunned silent by now. Mid way through the gig leader of the 5pack, Krysta Cameron got the crowed off their feet with a game of "The floor is made of lava" proving to be a success although it wasn't needed due to the crowd response, although not as responsive as they were with Ocean, fans still lapped up the energy from the band and vise versa, resulting in taking down the bear and winning the heavy metal wrestling match!

All in all the gig was an absolute pleasure to review, one of the my favorite live experiences to date.

I do feel though that IWRESTLEDABEARONCE didn't fit the headline spot very well, because the crowd seemed to just stand still through the set. They suit more of an opener/support act slot reason being; they seemed to drag towards the end, leaving me thinking when it was going to end, which for a world tour headliner isn't really ideal.

For All Those Sleeping 4/5
Vanna 5/5
Oceano 3/5
iwrestledabearonce 3/5

Review By Ciro Guadagno




Adam Warren
Nick Conser
Devin Shidaker
Daniel Terchin
Jason Jones



 For All Those Sleeping

Mike Champa
Jerad Pierskalla
David Volgman-Stevens
Ethan Trekell
London Snetsinger

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