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Night Verses
Flood Of Red
Plymouth, White Rabbit

13th August 2012

Night Verses                          Flood Of Red

Having caught Night Verses two weeks before at Hevy festival and been absolutely blown away, it was crazy to think they would be playing in my home town. Whilst Plymouth never does great for bands, the White Rabbit it's self has housed a few good ones including The Blackout only a few months prior. I couldn't possibly think of anywhere I'd rather see these guys perform their high energy rock set than the intimate and charming alternative venue with high quality PA system that set's it above the rest of the small alternative clubs that every city has, for example Bristol's The Croft.

Flood Of Red had their work cut out for them opening for Night Verses and this being the first time seeing them I didn't know what to expect, but now I can say that they fit the roll perfectly. The set was pushed back slightly as the venue was next to empty, but even with the delay the crowd still comprised predominantly of Night Verses, and tour staff. The Scottish six piece were cramped on stage with the Synth player doubling up as a second drummer with part of a kit. Vocalist Jordan Spiers mic was slightly low for the first song but it soon picked up, he also asked the small audience to come right up to the stage. They played though a mix of the debut "Leaving Everything Behind" as well as some of their newer material. The personalities of the members really shined though and made the set, with the bass player finding room to jump around stand on the speakers, rest on the synth player, whilst using the head stock to play the keys, put his bass on the light rigging or rest it up against the speaker to jump around more freely. Jordan on the other hand was more static, but with the bands clear "we don't really care what you think we do what we enjoy" and even slightly goofy nature he was wearing a Night Verses T-shirt. Just as Night Verses did later they put on a show as if the room was packed. Generally the sound was good with some of the vocals being slightly pitch and not quite perfect the quaint charm and crazy nature of Flood Of Red makes me want to see them again. The bassist wasn't the only one having fun as the synth player was soaked in sweat from head banging, and the drummer tossed his sticks in the air. "Little Lovers" with two beat downs that sounded sick live with the powerful double drums. The contrasting personalities of the band with shy guitarists to a bassist who's even more hyperactive then Night Verses drummer Aric shines though with their odd combination of fierce guitar sounds combined with a synth, but it works. Finishing off with Jordan, the drummer and one guitarist left on stage for the last half of their song and leaving me wanting more. It was an entertaining show by an underrated band.

Night Verses opened their set up with "From The Shadows Where I'm Low" off of the EP "Out of the Sky". The song kicks in to full throttle after about 20 seconds, before dropping off to let Douglas Robinson's powerful and emotional voice bellow out the opening line and captivate everyone in the room. This song starts off the set perfectly just as it does the CD getting the attention of everyone with the powerful guitar riff before showing that they're capable of much more than just force. Just like the song it wasn't long before their energy kicked in with Aric Importa jumping off his drum stool for the first time of the night, as well as Douglas tossing aside the mic stand before demonstrating the scream that could complete with any of the hardcore acts at hevy. Reilly Herrera's simple bass riff is the driving force for the bridge leading perfectly into and truly insane beat down. As they play though some of the songs yet to be released it's clear the four tracks on the EP are in no way the best the full length will have to offer with every track keeping to a high standard, and making me want to sing along even though I didn't know the words, though I didn't have to wait long as they soon played "To The Ends Of The Earth". Whilst Douglas isn't the most chatty front man between songs, something he admitted himself, he has this presence on stage similar to that of Eddy Vedder of Pearl Jam, and the emotion in Douglas's singing is comparable to Eddy as well. They took the time to thank the crowd and made a few comments about songs, informing the crowd they had recently released a video to the next song before playing "Be Happy With Yourself" a personal favourite. With the way they were playing and the way they addressed the crowd anyone who watched a video of the set would easily think they were headlining a show to hundreds or even thousands of people. I literally forgot where I was during the set, I was in absolute awe, and it's clear that they just want to play, having fun whilst remaining very serious about the quality of the show they put on, truly professional. Anyone who play's an instrument takes a special interest in the band member playing the same as them, and with the talent of every member in Night Verses most people probably leave thinking "I really need to practice". Aric is one of the most incredible drummers I've seen, and I've had the pleasure of seeing Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Travis Barker and quite a few more. Not only does he hit the drums hard and play some fantastic fills but he manages to do most of it whilst standing or leaping from his drum stool without missing a beat. Reilly managed to fit some slap bass into the set as well as playing with a pick, and you wouldn't believe they only have one guitarist, Nick DePirro who ties it all together. Many bands comprising of this much talent either end up playing like they're all soloing on stage, and it doesn't make a great song, or they have to hold back, but with Night Verses not a drop is wasted. The band don't want to show of individually or as a collective, and the end result is sensational. Jordan joined Night Verses for a cover of U2's New Years Day before they tied off their 12th ever show with "I've Lost My Way Back Down" which saw the small crowd sing along, Aric take one last dive off the stool and Reilly screamed his heart out. Once again Night Verses has blown my mind, of the six 5 out of 5's I've given out these guys have got two in the space of as many weeks. And they truly deserve it, whether they play on a big stage or in a tightly packed room, to hundreds or to thirty they give it everything they've got. In the Bayside song "Blame It on Bad Luck" Anthony Raneri sings "the next band that would change my life, to change my life" and in all honesty I wouldn't be suppressed if Night Verses became that band for quite a few people. The sound is always exceptional, the show is full of energy, and they take the time to chat to the crowd after, and it's for those reasons and so many other's that we weren't the only people from Hevy at the show. Most of Plymouth missed out and should be ashamed, this band has everything you could want from a set, and I can't wait to get their full length. The most exciting new act around.

Flood Of Red 4/5
Night Verses 5/5

Review By Marc Rich

 Night Verses

Douglas Robinson
Nick DePirro
Reilly Herrera
Aric Improta

 Flood Of Red

Jordan Spiers
Dale Gallacher
Graham Griffith
Sean McGroarty
Jonathan Snee

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