Gig Review

Bristol, Academy

16th July 2012

Ministry                              Djerv

The o2 Academy, the old faithful, the perfectly sized venue for a 'small' gig, always a good atmosphere, and very nearly always a good show. That didn't change tonight! Vocalist Agnete Kjølsrud completely owned the stage as Djerv greeted the crowd, she is to Djerv as Skin is to Skunk Anansie, she has a raw, sexual, feminine, yet commanding power over her band and the audience, instantaneously captivating every member of the audience. Djerv were fresh, and oozed everything that rock should be. These Norwegian metallers had a really encapsulating vibe, and they certainly drew the crowd in with their new single 'Headstone'. I highly recommend checking these guys out, it's worth it even if you just want to perve on Agnete. But seriously, they are certainly heading in the right direction, and we need them in the UK more often.

Ministry. What can I say? These guys have been rocking it since before I was even a glint in my mother's eye. They know their shit, they know how to play, they know how to party. Front man Al Jourgensen looks, well, a bit, mental, I guess. But hell does that guy know how to completely fucking OWN his crowd. They ran through hits old and new, he talked to the crowd in between songs, and you could tell he was having just as much fun as we were. He was very physical with his performance, really feeling the music as it played. Guitarist Mike Scaccia played some blinding solos, and every member knew how to work together to compliment the entire performance. There were images projected onto the screen behind them, and there was strobe lights throughout the entire show. This wasn't just a gig, not just watching a band on a stage, this was an experience. My ears were almost bleeding by the time I left, they were loud, in your face, and doing what they do best, Industrial awesomeness. Ministry definitely aren't going anywhere soon. At least, let's hope not, they're far too good.

Review By Karlie M


Al Jourgensen
Mike Scaccia
John Bechdel
Sin Quirin
Aaron Rossi
Casey Orr


Agnete Kjølsrud
Stian Kårstad
Erlend Gjerde
Jan Ole Kristensen

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