Gig Review

Fozzy, Butcher Babies, Disarm Goliath
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
7th June 2012

Soil                                  Fozzy                       Butcher Babies           Disarm Goliath

Photo Of Disarm Goliath © Copyright Robert Lawrence
Disarm Goliath are the first up of 4 bands tonight, they are a classic rock band from Walsall, so there only down the road, the first song reminds me a bit of avenged sevenfold, they had a familiar guitar sound to AX7, next up was we rule the night I think it's called, more of a classic British rock song, then again all their songs have a smattering of NWOBHM to them, the vocals are very Bruce Dickinson-esq, not as powerful as Bruce but good enough for the sound they are going for, they have a few fans out tonight too on this rather soggy evening. Overall for this bands there a pretty decent, there sound can be a little all over the place in style, but there heading in the right direction.

Photo Of Butcher Babies © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up are butcher babies, are a 5 piece duel female fronted rock band, vulgar or Attention Whore are some words to describe them two, I'm no prude, but it seems to set back women in rock/metal somewhat and why some aren't taken as seriously as others, due to their attempts at being edgy, using a microphone as a penis, how.......original....-_-. There vocals while screaming don't seem to have any power them sort of a weak attempt at Angela gossow style vocals. It woefully lacking any va va voom in them. The rest of the band ain't too bad though, some decent guitar riffs some actually decent and memorable ones at that, the drumming isn’t too bad either. Overall not a fan of the vocalist but a fan of the music.

Photo Of Fozzy © Copyright Robert LawrenceFozzy are a band I've never listened too but know a bit about them, fronted by Chris Jericho, a wrestler from my youth, still going so I hear. There a really a decent hard rock band, all the songs are heavy and catchy some really great guitar riffs, with some decent drumming backing up the catchiness, They opened the set with Pray a strong opener but second song sandpaper is probably my favourite song of the set, they blast on with the likes of Eat the rich, God pounds his nails and superb set closer Enemy, Overall they surprised me somewhat by being really good, will have to give there albums a listen.

Wolverhampton the home of touching ass according to Ryan the former and now current again vocalist, old soil songs just sound right with him behind the microphone, not that there was anything wrong with AJ singing them, but they sound proper again. Soil are playing all old Ryan era songs tonight while they are currently working on new material. They open with breaking this is followed by need to feel, which is sung by the guitarist Adam, after a comedic exchange between him and Ryan, they share the vocals. Things just sound Photo Of Soil © Copyright Robert Lawrenceright, this is classic soil sound, dirty but it sounds a bit dated too as they are fairly old songs but it doesn't matter. It feels like the band are starting again playing small venues working their way up. They continue with the likes of redefine, cross my heart, inside, wide open, there set us really flying by at this point and then there's only a few songs left. Black 7, which was followed by a badly sung cover by a crowd member, you've lost that loving feeling, massive approval from the band and crowd, Unreal follows this, then that classic, the one that most metal fans of a certain era love, Halo, sounds as catchy and heavy as hell with the crowd singing along. Overall a great show from a rather humble and funny Ryan, highly recommended you catch a show. 5/5

Disarm Goliath 3/5
Butcher Babies 2/5
Fozzy 4/5
Soil 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Ryan McCombs
Adam Zadel
Tim King
Jon Wysocki


Chris Jericho
Rich Ward
Frank Fontsere
Paul Di Leo
Billy Grey

 Butcher Babies

Heidi Shepherd
Carla Harvey
Henry Flury
Jason Klein
Chrissy Warner

 Disarm Goliath

Steve Bell
Steve Surch
Karl Wade
Steve Beville
Anthony Ellis

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