Gig Review

Birmingham, Academy
23rd April 2012

Lostprophets                Modestep


Photo Of Modestep © Copyright Robert LawrenceModestep are missing a live drummer due to him breaking a foot, but he comes out to shake his sticks, a dubstep DJ and MC seem to be a popular support choice these days, I'm no fan of random noise while waiting for the wub wub wub and the bass to drop, playing dubstep mixes to popular songs is totally lost on me and most of the crowd who I'm sure were hoping for a few proper support bands to warm them up properly not a laptop and some dude jumping around like a wounded duck. It’s more of a case of I don't like it on principle as this is not rock and roll!

Photo Of Lostprophets © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter the wub step and a short break a band I've been waiting years to see finally come on, Lostprophets open their set with Bring em down, a great opener and new song off their latest album, I'll be honest I'm not much of a fan of the last two albums but songs from them albums translate well live they follow on with it's not the end of the world but I can see it from here another good live track and better off dead get all the crowd nicely warmed up for some more.

Photo Of Lostprophets © Copyright Robert LawrenceAs I say I'm more of a fan of the first 3 albums, which can probably be said for a few here tonight. Can't catch tomorrow is pretty decent and super catchy along with A town called hypocrisy, then a proper LP classic Make a move, that got me singing along and still sounded great and better than ever, the band not me! Then a newer song Where we belong with a sweet child of mine intro. The crowd are bouncing along to practically ever beat so far, it's great to watch a band that's really on it.

Photo Of Lostprophets © Copyright Robert Lawrence4am forever is a song I've always wanted to hear live as I love the guitar solo and it didn't disappoint, I was well pleased. Jesus walks is an interesting track, a nicely melodic track to take things down a notch. Another classic is Last summer one of my top 3 LP tracks and probably my favourite off start something, sounds just great with the crowd singing and bouncing along. Ian sounds great live a really great live voice. One thing I'm pleased with is that there a really great live band tons of energy and respond really well a great crowd!

Photo Of Lostprophets © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up is rooftops which they slowed down somewhat before picking, it was the first single off the liberation transmission album which revealed a new look for them back in the day. Then my favourite all time track Shinobi vs Dragon ninja, if I didn't have my camera on my I'd have been starting a pit for this one.

Another new song we bring an arsenal, not much of a fan of this on the album but much better live thankfully, then back to the SS album with To hell we ride, Last train and Burn burn, I couldn't think of a better way to end the main set, fucking superb as I love all 3 of them songs!!!!

After a quick break they open up again with we are Godzilla you are Japan and tonight they have been massive!! They end the night with sway which is one of my all time favourites ,I'd have gone with Shinobi or Godzilla but it's still awesome enough to cap a great performance, I'm sure Watkins and co will be bothering arenas again at some point with performances like this!!

Modestep 0.5/5
Lostprophets 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Ian Watkins
Lee Gaze
Mike Lewis
Stuart Richardson
Jamie Oliver
Luke Johnson


Josh Modestep
Tony Modestep
Nick Modestep
Matt Modestep

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