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Twin Atlantic
Lower Than Atlantis, Me
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
20th April 2012

Twin Atlantic          Lower Than Atlantis       Me


Photo Of Me © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst band of the evening is Me, they are a 4 piece alt rock band from Australia, and they sound like they are influenced by Muse not bad role models but without all the crazy sound effects. There songs are pretty good, off beat at times with some decent catchy riffs, with the vocalist switching between a guitar and keyboard to provide a few synth effects. Some of the songs seem to follow the same pattern, which leads to some songs sounding rather similar, thankfully this only happens on a few songs, the rest of the set is fairly varied. The vocalist must be a big Matt Bellamy fan as he sings somewhat like him, so if you looking for a muse-esq band you should look at Me.

Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Robert LawrenceLower than Atlantis are a UK 4 piece punk rock band, I have to say there's nothing remarkable about this band other than maybe there marketability to teenage girls, as all I can hear is screams of girls from the crowd, I'm guessing some fans are gonna bugger off as soon as their done playing their particular brand of bland punk rock, everything is by the numbers yet the crowd eats it up, I really don't see the appeal the songs aren't all that catchy, the riffs are dull, the whole things smacks of manufactured blandness. I'm pretty sure fans like to be able to see the bands as well as listen to them, the lighting was awful and that's coming from being a crowd member and not a lowly tog. I don't think Twin Atlantic will have any problem out shining these guys. The covers medley they did was a bit pants too.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Robert LawrenceTwin Atlantic are a band I've seen a few times from pub venues now to a big stage at the Wulfrun Hall, they open there set with a non electrifying number called, Yes, I was Drunk, they pick things up with the next song, Time for you to stand up, any of the opening 5 songs which also included Dremember and 8 Days, apart from the opener they used, would have been better choices.
Dreamember had a holiday feel to it and Apocalyptic Revenge was much more to my liking a bit of a dirty riff. Their set is full of fast paced songs, I think in their earlier days they were labelled perhaps harshly as a lot like Biffy Clyro, but from the songs they played tonight seems to have distanced themselves somewhat, you can hear it in some of their older songs but the newer stuff is where they have found their own voice.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Robert LawrenceTheir a pretty lively band and there lighting set up reminds me of Biffy from a few years back lots of blue light and difficult to shoot in, but them being just as lively is good to watch.

They continue on with the likes of Ghost of Eddie, Edit me, What is Light?, LightSpeed and Lost ones, So far it’s been a really superb tight set, with the band bouncing around the stage, this is by far the best I've seen them play, guess all they needed was a big stage.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey close out the main set with 3 excellent songs, which are Human After All which I thought at first when I saw the set list was a daft punk cover, Wonder sleeps here and we want better man.

After a quick break, they come back on to cheers with Your turning into john Wayne which was a acoustic solo effort by Sam, the rest of the band then carry on with Crash land and the two superb set closers Make a beast of myself and Free, which is a really great song to close the night with, overall a really good set from an up and coming band which I’m sure that they will move on up to the next level of venues.

Me 3/5
Lower Than Atlantis 1/5
Twin Atlantic 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Twin Atlantic

Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Craig Kneale

 Lower Than Atlantis

Mike Duce
Ben Sansom
Eddy Thrower
Dec Hart


Luke Ferris
Damian Tapley
Michael Godde
Spike Rogers

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