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Angels And Airwaves
Le Blorr
Birmingham HMV Institute
13th April 2012

Angels And Airwaves             Le Blorr


Photo Of Le Blorr © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst and only support at tonight's sold out show is. Le Blorr, there seems to seeing a spate of bands that start with Le/La, must have been an off shoot of the whole 'The' thing, anyway, Le Blorr are an indie/synth/rock 3 piece. They are a pretty damn good band, everything song is different, easy to listen to and on the most part really catchy stuff, the singer has got a decent voice, and visually there an active band, really moving with the music. This is there first time in the UK and they didn't show any nerves at all, everything seemed fluid enough, and it shows in their performance. This is a solid set from this band and AVA will have to be on top form to beat their support tonight, always good to see a really decent support act. Le Blorr, give them a listen.

why isn't this band playing arenas yet? The stage show I'm thinking would be epic, something I hope happens sooner rather than later. They open their set with the band coming on one by one to actually play the intro music, then as Tom comes on they open the set with Saturday Love, great opener and super catchy really getting the crowd going, they follow with it hurts, which takes things down a notch, Tom ditches the guitar for Surrender.

Photo Of Angels And Airwaves © Copyright Robert LawrenceWhile its totally its own thing, there's always a hint of blink 182s more serious stuff lurking in the background, not sure if it's how the songs are written, guitar tones or just Toms voice, but it's there.

They carry on with superb set which includes Dry Your Eyes, The Adventure, Every thing's Magic, Young London, Lifeline, this is not a fast paced but a constant paced set there's no slow songs either, just keeping things constantly on the boil. While the bands albums seem very concept, the songs don't seem that way at all, nothing seems outta place or disjointed, it seems to flow well.

They continue on with there is, which Tom opens with a funny story on how he lost his virginity, this is followed by Hallucinations and the superb secret crowds which closes the main set.

After a quick break they come back on with All that we are, which Ilan Rubin their new drummer, plays a piano intro too, it's seems outta place but rather fitting too and it's good to see him out behind the drums, the man is multi talented!! They close the early might out with AVA classic The War, great way to close the night out to a superb crowd and a really great performance and choice of set. Superb night. 5/5

Le Blorr 4/5
Angels And Airwaves 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Angels And Airwaves

Tom DeLonge
David Kennedy
Matt Wachter
Ilan Rubin

 Le Blorr

Chris Hess
Adam Winn

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